About Us

About Us

The articles written on this websites are not financial advice.  The authors are not financial advisors.

Investitn.com objective is to bring investment ideas on the radar of investors and help investors build the right set of questions before their discussions with a qualified financial advisor about any investment ideas they have. Please look beyond the obvious when analysing any investment, the devil is always in the detail.

Money should not be a taboo subject, it determines the quality of our lives, the future of society and even humankind. Open discussion is necessary to make sure that this important tool is used to its full potential in shaping our lives and not to their detriment.

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Disclosure of my interest in the investments

Running an investment ideas website and being passionate about investing is a headache. There are too many opportunities out there and too little money to invest. 

I could disclose my investments and interests, but this would be an additional task that would bring little value to the investor. In addition, it could also provide an indirect endorsement of the investments. This will influence the readers as they might think just because the author has invested, then it is a good investment. This cannot be further from the truth. I do not list my portfolio for this very reason.

Let’s keep it simple. In the interest of disclosure, you can assume that I have an interest in all the projects I am publishing. This interest could be either direct or indirect. InvestItIn.com is here to show that there is a choice and through showcasing this choice, I hope that I am making the alternative investment market more competitive and as a consequence more transparent and open.

Please do not invest in any investment listed without the proper knowledge, expertise and careful due diligence. Remember alternative investments do not have the reporting requirements of public companies and this makes it very difficult to analyse.

This makes it difficult to see the evidence behind all the statements presented. I hope that this website can give you the curiosity to go beyond the statements and figures you see on investment websites and brochures.

If you have investment ideas please contact us here: Contact Us