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Compcoin is an innovative digital asset that allows investors of all sizes to trade together without pooling their funds. It allows for the individual to truly be in control of their money while having access to state of the art trading algorithms that were once reserved for only the wealthy. In this interview, Josh Dettman explains Comp coin and how investors can use it to their advantage.

Who is the team behind Compcoin?

Alan Friedland founded Compcoin. Mr. Friedland has been developing artificial intelligence for financial trading systems since 1993, and has been developing predictive intelligence systems to perform trades on the forex market since 2010.

Mr. Friedland also founded Edge Securities, member N.A.S.D. and Edge Investment Group, associate member American Stock Exchange. These firms were among the first proprietary leveraged securities trading firms for professional licensed traders.

Mike McDonald is CEO of Compcoin. McDonald has over 24 years experience in fintech and financial trading.

Before Compcoin, McDonald was Senior Financial Advisor at Aegis Capital Corp where he lead the investment strategy for high profile clients. McDonald is a licensed securities broker and has advised over 1,000 clients with investable assets ranging from $250k to $20 million. He also has been a branch manager for N.Y.S.E and Nasdaq firms.

Josh Dettman is President of Institutional Trading at Compcoin. Mr. Dettman has more than

Josh Dettman

20 years of experience in financial trading and financial technology.

Dettman is the lead securities trader at Aegis in Florida, a New York-based investment management company. He trades $1.5 billion in assets, and prior to that, was a Director of Global Assets at Wescap, a private fund management company. In these positions, Dettman counselled institutional clients (hedge funds, funds of funds, banks, insurance companies, pension programs) on investment strategies including sector rotation, momentum trading, and ETF executions. His counsel and investment strategies at Wescap grew the firm from a million dollar fund to over $50 million. During his time at Wescap, the firm generated over $20 million in annual profit.

What is Forex Trading?

Forex trading is the single largest market in the world. It has an estimated daily trading value of over $5 Trillion and is the most active market in the world.

What knowledge of Forex trading do users need to use Art?

Any investors should educate themselves about the markets they will be trading in. Investors should always weigh the risks versus the rewards in making any financial decision. ART (Our Artificial Intelligence trading system) uses over 50 years of historical data to make a split second decision on when to buy and sell in the market. This takes the pressure off of the individual and allows them to go about their daily lives while ART trades their accounts.

When will the Forex trading system be accessible?

ART will be accessible immediately to holders of Compcoin. Once a separately funded account is opened, the coins are sent to FinTech Investment Group, and ART begins trading the account.

Who is ART?

ART is the Artificial Intelligence platform that runs our complex and profitable algorithmic trading programs. Is ART fully automated?

How would it react to rare events such as the pound drop after the Brexit referendum?

ART is NOT fully automated in the aspect that FinTech Investment group can choose to halt trading if there is an event that it believes will skew markets unpredictably. For example, ART was purposely turned off during the referendum on “Brexit”. There were wild fluctuations in the market that did provide opportunity, however, those opportunities did not fit the risk/probability profile for ART. In the world we live in, there will be unforeseen events that can move markets in an instance. ART is prepared for these moves and will use the same protocols it does “normal” market conditions.

ART’s performance has been impressive, why share such a profitable system with others?

Our management team has nearly 100 years of experience in the traditional markets, and over thses years we have seen the widening gap between those who have access to cutting edge technology and those who are forced to accept the mediocre investing models of the past

The fee to use Compcoin will be of 0.05% of the Compcoin under deposit. How will these fees be used?

These “fees” are used to maintain and upgrade the ever changing technology. It is important for Compcoin to keep innovating in the trading space.

What will be the cost of each Compcoin during the ICO?

$15 will be the initial offering price. We will be awarding bonuses to early implementors of the coin.

Details of which can be found on our website.

What is the structure of the ICO?

There will be bonuses for the following:

  • 1st- 700k
  • 2nd- 700k
  • 3rd-700k

All additional coins will be sold at the $15 price

When will the ICO start and end?

The ICO will open on 6/14/17 and will remain open for June, or until the 3,000,000 are sold

What is the most important lesson you have learnt in your 20 years of financial trading experience?

Taking emotion out of the equation always leads to better outcomes.

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We thank Josh Dettman for the interview.

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