Estate Guru Review

Estate Guru is an Estonia-based p2p lender of mortgage backed loans.
Currency: Euro.
SWOT Analysis
  • Loans backed by real estate
  • LTVs are usually less than 75%
  • Few competitors in Europe having mainland EU based property as collateral
  • Interest rates are around 9%
  • Another portal that will allow you to diversify your holdings
  • Estateguru will hopefully expand both the business model into p2p property equity and extended the p2p property loans both in quantity and geographically.
  • By using this link to register you will get a bonus of 0.5% of all the funds you deposit in the first three months: EstateGuru Review
  • No Autoinvest at the moment, and when it is implemented it will be good for some and bad for others.
  • Few loans per month
  • Whenever a new loan is launched an email is sent, by the time I click on the email link, 25% of the loan is already bought up and many times I arrive on the site when all the loan has been sold. Because of this, it is important to have some money deposited before loans are published.
  • Some loans are bullet loans; this means that interest is paid at the end. The impact being
    • 1) Higher risk because you are not being paid any interest and thus can get back less than the capital you have put in.
    • 2) You can make interest on the interest during the life of the loan


  • If the collateral is not evaluated properly and loan defaults, there is an increased risk of not getting your money back.
  • There will be similar competitors in the future.
  • If Estateguru defaults they can no longer process of loan payments and delivering them to investors.
  • If there is a war with Russia the Baltic state is most likely to be the point of entry, however, in that case, your p2p loans evaporating will be the least of your problems. (warning dark humour) Or the loans could just be converted to Ruble.

Register on EstateGuru today and you will be automatically informed when the next loan is available.


  1. I had a VERY BAD experience with EstateGuru (EG) where the CEO Marek Pärtel and IR contact Triin Jõeleht.

    They have been purposefully un-cooperative and have caused me monetary damage of EUR 3’000.

    I issued a transfer from my Interactive Brokers (IB) account to EG’s bank account. The SWIFT message contained my name but not my account number with EG.

    EG refused to credit the money to my account, which is fine. Instead, they issued a blank new transfer to IB’s bank account, without any identifying information allowing IB to credit the money to my account with IB.

    EG did this on purpose even though I begged them a million times not to do that and to wait until IB’s bank contacts EG’s bank for an orderly re-call of the transfer.

    They did this on purpose while ignoring my phone calls and instructing all client facing personnel to ignore my calls.

    I am recommending that everyone avoids this website due to a VERY LOW MORAL STANDARD.


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