Hydrominer: ICO


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Bitcoin has come a long way since it’s inception; many organisations have proven that it is possible to run a Bitcoin-based business such as  Bittrex, Bithumb, CoinOne, HitBTC, Coinbase etc.), wallet providers (Blockchain.info, etc.),  venture capital firms (e.g. Andreessen Horowitz, Winklevoss Capital) and news media (Coindesk, Cointelegraph, CoinStaker, etc.)

Cryptominers however, have not offered this level of transparency.

The EU so far has a neutral stance on cryptocurrencies as long as they are used for legal purposes.

Cryptocurrency mining main cost is electricity, and HydroMiner has a unique advantage because it brings a unique business model.

The HydroMiner team members (Christian Vogl (CTO), Nadine Damblon (CEO), Sebastian Kastner (Lead Engineer), Tobias Ratschiller and Sascha Dennstedt (advisors)) are a strong team that have already developed several hydro-mining stations in the Austrian Alps.

Hydrominer is now launching an ICO to raise funds to create more of these hydro mining stations. This is the objective of the founders of HydroMiner, Nadine and Nicole Damblon had in mind when they started.

“Unlike the other cryptocurrency mining facilities located in the Northern Europe and China, that keep their locations secret, at HydroMiner we wanted to be extremely transparent since the beginning. So anyone who’s interested can contact us and get a tour around the facility, or just watch the video from Andreas that’s pretty exhaustive as well,” – shared Nadine Damblon, CEO at HydroMiner.

The ICO presale of the H2O was closed in 36 minutes, the pre-sale cap of 1,500 ETH completed.

The H2O tokens can then be traded for kwH, these will generate monthly mining shares. The returns could exceed 70% percent per year.

The H2O ICO is scheduled to start on October 18th visit: HydroMiner.org