ICO Calendar

WARNING: your capital is at risk. This list ICOs (initial coin offerings). No prior checks have been made on any of these ICOs. ICOs are unregulated and thus investors/contributors do not have the same protection as when investing in a regulated investment in a democratic country. This is not an investment recommendation. Please make sure you have done the necessary Due diligence before investing.

These are not investment recommendations. Please make sure you have done the necessary due diligence before investing.

Short NameDescriptionCurrency CodeStart DateEnd DateTeamWhitepaper UrlFacebookGitHubLinkedinSlackTwitter TelegramBitcoin TalkMedium
StoxAn Ethereum-based prediction market platform.2017/08/022017/08/16Ophir Gertner
Bowhead HealthThe first medical instrument powered by blockchain. Real-time biometric diagnostics in a smart dispenser.AHT2017/07/172017/08/31Dr. Rhea Mehta
KnowsMonetize your knowledge in 5 minutes.2017/08/16-
7ypeAn Ethereum based Cryptocurrency token for Movie production2017/08/27-
Hungry Panda CoinEthreum Powered Game EcosystemJohn Brackens
LampixLampix is building a {picture, description} database on the blockchain, intended to be used for computer vision machine learning application development.PIX2017/08/092017/08/18George Popescu
WabiDigital token backed by safe products in ChinaAlex Busarov
EthbnbDecentralised Accommodation Booking ServiceClinton Raillie
IntelliumA project aimed to create a cryptocurency backed accelerator for the new digital ageINTL2017/07/212017/08/19Igor Borodin
NeblioA secure, distributed, platform built for enterprise applications and servicesNEBL2017/08/052017/08/20-
Battle BallBlockchain application for disputes on sports eventsAleksander Melushev
PeerbanksFirst Cryptocurrency based on Waves for use in IRA companies2017/09/22Carlos Nanita
W3coinsSCAM ALERT!Juri Vasselli
Rivetz CorpDecentralised and Mobile Cyber-Security Token2017/07/25Steven Sprague
Cloud TokenDecentralized, peer-to-peer Cloud on which users can find discounted cloud applications and get paid for hosting them-
PresearchAn open, decentralized search engine that rewards community members for their use, contribution to, and promotion of the platform.PST2017/07/252017/08/25Colin Pape
StarwarscoinThe cryptocurrency of the Star Wars UniverseThe Force
SosnovkinoBlockchain based land development project (SCAM ALERT!)SNK2017/07/262017/08/26Maxim Dvedenidov
CorionAccelerating mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.2017/08/27Miklós Denkler
DimcoinAn equity exchange ecosystem that uses asset-backed NEM meta-tokens to make trades on the network.DIM2017/07/012017/08/28Fabian Kippenberg
U.cashU.CASH enables conversion between fiat and cryptocurrencies through retail locations.XUC2017/08/072017/11/11-
Tap ProjectA decentralized, transferable, multi-platform, in-game currency that allows gamers to earn Tap coins while playing video games.TTT2017/07/302017/09/05Haniff Knight
Red TicketGet share profit from movie production and distribution-
The Mill Of BloodDecentralized financial solution that solves the regulatory challenges of data privacy by automating the KYC and KYS processes-
AicoinA tokenized investment fund targeting blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies with a DAO governance model.XAI2017/07/172017/08/28Gavin Smith
XplayAsia-focused, blockchain led, AI-driven adult entertainment and commerce site.XPA2017/08/072017/08/31Chen Zhouren
Sand CoinBlockchain derivative based on a real product2017/07/30Ruslan Pichugin
TomahawkcoinBridging two worlds of trading virtual currency and equity ownership in Tomahawk Exploration LLCTOM2017/07/302017/08/30David Laurance
TokenstarsProvides funding, promotion resources to rising tennis stars by decentralizing the sports talent management industry.ACE2017/08/242017/10/24Pavel Stukolov
CoinlessEthereum based token(JOKE-PROJECT. SCAM ALERT!)CLS2017/07/242017/08/30-
Atb CoinBlockchain with fast, secure and near-zero cost payments.ATB2017/06/122017/08/31Herbert W. Hoover
Target CoinWorld's first bonus crypto fundAkshath Naik
HirematchDecentralized blockchain-based employment marketplaceHIRE2017/08/012017/08/31Armando Pantoja
BenjacoinA merchandise shopping network with an decentralized advertising layer built on Ethereum.BNC2017/08/012017/09/01Andrew J. Chapin
NimfamoneyThe world’s first 100% decentralized cryptocurrency lending platformNIMFA2017/08/292017/08/31Max Tarasenko
Solar DaoSolar DAO is a closed-end photovoltaic power investment fund on the Ethereum blockchain.SDAO2017/07/272017/09/01Dmitriy Solodukha
Shadow TokensShadowToken for the highly rated Shadow Era TCG2017/07/29IAN BOLTON
Exchange UnionBridging Digital Currency Exchanges Globally2017/07/29James Wo
StexThe first smart platform exchange.STE2017/10/312017/08/31Nicholas Prays
CointubeDecentralized Video PlatformDmitriy Boshenyatov
BrickblockPlatform for trading without a middlemanMARTIN MISCHKE
AdsharesDecentralized, peer-to-peer market for programmatic advertisingADST2017/07/072017/12/31JACEK ZEMŁO
Hunt.betHUNT.BET is a blockchain e-Sports betting platform.HT2017/08/112017/09/02Nikita Fomichev
RealREAL is a real-estate crowdfunding platform using Ethereum smart contracts.REAL2017/08/312017/09/30Enrique Dubois
Option TokenDecentralized investment fundJorge Trueba
SpectivA virtual reality streaming platform driven by an ERC20 token that utilizes attention markets to support growth in the VR industry.SIGS2017/07/052017/09/04Dylan Senter
NexusDecentralized cross platform social networkJade Mulholland
BlocklancerA so called Distributed Autonomous Job Market (DAJ) on the Ethereum platform.LNC2017/08/052017/09/05Michael Kaiser
CossCOSS stands for Crypto One Stop Solution and represents a platform that encompasses all aspects of a digital ecosystem based on cryptocurrencies.coss2017/08/082017/09/06Dan Cearnau
RootprojectThe World's First Effectively Tax-Subsidized CryptocurrencyChris Place
IndorseA decentralized professional social network, which rewards users and gives them back ownership of their data.IND2017/08/082017/09/08David Moscowitz
Po.etPo.et record metadata and ownership information for digital creative assets on the Bitcoin blockchain.POE2017/07/252017/09/05Esteban Ordano
DecentralandA distributed platform for a public, interactive virtual world. Users can claim ownership of virtual land on a blockchain-based ledger of parcels.MANA2017/08/172017/08/26Ari Meilich
StuffgogoMobile eCommerce platform with no fees or restrictions.SGG2017/08/122017/09/08Vlad Tereshkov
Monkey CapitalA decentralised hedge fund focused on creative-destructive investments.MNY2017/07/182017/09/09DANIEL M. HARRISON
SomaA decentralized peer to peer marketplace with a social media layer.SCT2017/08/142017/11/14Arto
FujintoAlternative payment method for transportation and accommodation booking websites2017/09/10Kitaru Sumita
VeredictumDecentralised anti-piracy and distribution platform for the film and video industry.VENT2017/08/142017/09/11TIM LEA
DentalfixA blockchain company for Dental clinics and the supply chain with $100,000 in revenue and 300+ real clients.DFBT2017/08/132017/09/13Sergey Safronov
ProtostarrDigital Entertainment Investing Powered by Smart Contracts2017/09/10Joshua Gilson
EasymineA software platform for building and managing small-to-medium sized cryptocurrency mining operations.EMT2017/08/242017/09/27ŁUKASZ ŻELIGOWSKI
SmartrePlatform enabling homeowners to liquidate equity without increasing debt by enabling fractional purchases of said equity by third-parties.SRE2017/08/142017/09/14Lloyd Huang
DaseronDaseron is the world's decentralized and secure information system for selling and sharing of content.DSR2017/08/142017/09/14Nursultan Aliev
IcosFirst token which allows blockchain community to vote for the best projects. And to give token holders access to all future presales of such ICOs .ICOS2017/08/152017/09/15Mike Raitsyn
PropyGlobal property store with a decentralized title registry.PRO2017/07/062017/09/15Natalia Karayaneva
BitdiceAn existing Bitcoin casino looking to expand.CSNO2017/08/152017/09/15-
SiftSmart blockchain trading and managed investment portfolio.2017/09/15James May
EquiDecentralized network based on Natural IntelligenceEQ2017/08/152017/09/15Vladislav Turiashvili
Aqua RightsSmart contracts to convert water rights into digital assetsCR Rogers
TrackrA cryptocurrency app for portfolio management, analysis, Monte Carlo simulations, machine-learning predictions, automatic market signals, integration into the Blockchain and more!TKR2017/08/162017/09/15Nabeel Amjad
300cubitsAn ERC20 token designed to improve the efficiency of the shipping container industry.TEU2017/09/20JOHNSON LEUNG
VibehubUsing Augmented and Virtual Reality to create a meta-world crypto-economy.VIBE2017/08/072017/09/21Alessio Mack
BlockoptionsIndependent and decentralized platform for binary options industryBOPT2017/08/25Gary Luo
LastwillSolution of the problems ransfer of human savings in various circumstancesVladimir Tikhomirov
LuxicoOnline community for rich and famous with its own coin.LUX2017/08/092017/09/15Evgeny Andreev
RealityclashFirst Augmented Reality Combat Game Available on iPhone and AndroidMorten Rongaard
EverexBlockchain-Powered Microfinance and Remittance ServicesEVX2017/07/242017/09/30Alexi Lane
Golden FleeceA crypto-mining data center based in Georgia along the coast of the Black Sea. 50 Percent of mining profits will be redistributed to token holders through a buyback mechanism.GFL2017/08/152017/10/30Vakhtang Gogokhia
RelestReal Estate Rental Auction PlatformAnuar Zhilkibagarov
CentraA multi-token crypto debit card with 0% fees. The team plans to launch a digital marketplace for consumer goods.CTR2017/07/302017/10/05Michael Edwards
AgoraThe unstoppable, decentralized and disruptive MarketplaceVincent Quadrelli
BaobabNew Kind of MarketplaceKristopher Ruzic
RecoinCryptocurrency alternative designed to accommodate financial transactions and investment goal2017/10/09Maksim Zaslavskiy
BitjobbitJob is a decentralized marketplace on the Ethereum network that connects students and employers to achieve short-term job opportunities.STU2017/08/022017/10/13Dror Medalion
QuickbetcoinDecentralized sports betting platform built on Ethereum.2017/11/15-
VotesAn international platform for taking votes of any level2017/10/18Aleksandr Khasanov
OpenzenDecentralised distributed social network, a search engine and a storage of informationZNT2017/07/312017/08/30Ilya Druzhinin
AtlantInvest. Rent. Trade. World’s Real Estate Blockchain PlatformATL2017/08/012017/10/31Julian Svirsky
NotrafficReal-time mobile traffic applicationStuart Berkowitz
BeeqbA blockchain as a service provider offering tools for business management.BEQB2017/08/112017/10/31Sergey Glukhota
LakebankerFree Banking for the WorldBAC2017/08/152017/08/20Thomas Xie
Cash Poker ProA decentralized poker game built on Ethereum.CASH2017/08/262017/09/06Danila Panov
RadosA crypto investment portal for consumers.2017/09/102017/09/01-
DigitxDigital token and protocol of choice for the decentralised AI and Robotics community2017/12/31Chloe Jean
The MemessengerWorld's first messenger with memes instead of words.MET2017/07/252018/04/25Yuri Karl
EosEOS enables parallel processing of smart contracts and horizontal scalability allowing an estimated 100K transactions per second.EOS2017/06/262018/06/16Daniel Larimer
IcoboxA platform for launching token sales.ICOS2017/08/152017/09/15
Bitdice CasinoAn existing cryptocurrency casino that is issuing a profit-sharing ERC20 token.CSNO2017/08/152017/09/15
Coss Token SwapICO2017/09/06
Hash Rush2017/09/132017/08/30
RasputinThe First ICO in Adult EntertainmentROC2017/07/202017/08/29
Money Technology2017/08/25
AgrelloRealizing the Vision of Legally-Binding Smart Contracts on BlockchainDELTA2017/07/162017/08/16
Blackmoon CryptoA platform for asset managers to create and manage tokenized funds.BMC2017/09/122017/10/12
CindicatorA platform for asset management powered by arbitrage bots and sentiment analysis.CND2017/09/122017/10/12
ViberateDecentralized music talent marketplace where any musician can sell gigs and get paid in cryptocurrencies. Viebrate Beta is live.VIB2017/09/052017/10/04
Crystal Clear ServicesJoin the Revolution in offline local servicesCCT2017/09/012017/10/01
KickicoKICKICO is a platform for safe and easy fundraising for ICO, preICO, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting.KC2017/08/292017/09/29
BoulecoinBoulé is a Remote Voting Technology based on the Blockchain.BOU2017/08/282017/09/24
Farad CryptokenFRD2017/08/25
PallyA decentralized social travel platform similar to Airbnb in which travelers share their skills with local host businesses.PAL2017/08/252017/11/13
DmarketThe first decentralized marketplace where you can trade all your in-game items globally.DMarket Token2017/08/172017/08/21
SocialSocial is a cryptocurrency that will be used within Nexus, a secure and private decentralized social network with integrated marketplace, instant access debit card, crowd funding, and ad platform.SCL2017/08/172017/09/17
MagosOracle based on artificial intelligence.MAG2017/08/162017/09/30
AkashaEthereum based social network using IPFS for storageAkasha
Hivemind P2P Oracle System and Prediction MarketplaceHIVEMIND
Rootstock Smart contract platform built on Bitcoin.RSK
FundrequestDecentralized platform for rewarding open source contributions.FND
Kyber Network
Rivetz A decentralized, mobile cybersecurity toolkit.RvT2017/07/252017/09/10
8 Circuit Studios A game development ecosystem powered by an ERC20 token.8BT2017/07/172017/08/18
Authoreon Authorization, Authentication, Verification & Certification in a decentralized networkAUTH2017/08/052017/10/12
Coindash The operating system for crypto assetsCDT2017/07/172017/08/17
Digipulse A platform for issuing blockchain-based wills for crypto-assets.DGT2017/07/192017/08/31
Enledger A blockchain asset designed to track a weighted index of real-world renewable energy market that runs on EnergyChain.EEC2017/08/012017/08/31
Harbour Dao2017/08/012017/08/29
Ignis Ignis will be the first child chain launched on the Ardor network. It will have all the well tested features of the NXT network as well as Ardor specific upgrades.ignis2017/08/052017/10/14
Just Dating Site JustDatingSite.com is a free dating site based in Lithuania. The JDS token will be used to pay for premium services.JDC2017/08/152017/09/30
Makeitviral A video sharing platform with an integrated token systemMIV2017/07/182017/11/15
Mill Of Blood Decentralized financial solution that solves the regulatory challenges of data privacy by automating the KYC and KYS processes.TEIOS2017/07/012017/09/16
Mobius Network Connecting every developer to the blockchain ecosystemMOBIUS NETWORK2017/08/082017/09/07
Opus A decentralized music platform built on Ethereum.OPT2017/07/142017/08/23
Paquarium An aquarium issuing a profit sharing token.PQT2017/06/222017/08/24
Prospectors MMPOG economic strategy game with an internal economy based on an Ethereum meta-token.OBT2017/08/102017/09/10
Smart Investment Fund Token An investment trading fund that trades cryptocurrency pairs using proprietary volume analysis algorithms.SIFT2017/08/012017/09/15
Substratum A blockchain infrastructure project featuring web hosting and payment processing.SUB2017/08/072017/09/13
Synchrolife A decentralized restaurant recommendation platform, providing trustworthy restaurant recommendations and connecting users and restaurants with token-based rewards.SYC2017/08/162017/09/13
Xaurum Gamma Crypto smart-street constructionXGM2017/08/012017/09/29
Reality Clash Augmented reality combat game on Ethereum.RCC2017/08/292017/09/01
Ambrosus Trusted Food EcosystemAMB2017/09/132017/10/13
Hubii Network An Ethereum-based content marketplace that facilitates transactions between creators, distributors and consumers with smart contracts.HUB2017/08/172017/08/31
Arena eSports Crytopcurrency Speculation EcosystemARNA2017/08/042017/09/04
Intelligent Trading Technologies ITT’s mission is to empower crypto traders with consolidated cryptocurrency market predictors to produce intelligent insights from a vast world of real-time data.ITT2017/08/182017/09/17
Uoomag A decentralized subscription service for digital magazines that are customize-able based on user preferences.UMC2017/08/202017/09/20
Enigma Catalyst Enigma Catalyst enables data scientists to build their own crypto-hedge fund using unique data sets and a research platform for traders to build and test investment strategies.ECAT2017/08/212017/08/31
Cccoin Llc2017/08/21
Kencoin A cryptocurrency for the adult entertainment sector.KCN2017/08/222017/09/22
Latoken LAT tokenizes and makes tradable fractions of assets ranging from real estate and loans to artworks.LATOKEN2017/08/152017/09/29
Gx Coin Wealth management solutions for the future.GXC2017/08/252017/08/31
Cloud With Token Blockchain decentralized cloudCLD2017/08/252017/09/24
Avalon Membership Platform An exclusive membership platform leveraging the purchasing power of the world’s largest untapped consumer-group (Crypto)AVA2017/08/252017/09/15
Ahoolee The world's first search engine for products.AHC2017/08/282017/09/11
Wolk Wolk is a decentralized data exchange powered by the Wolk token.WOLK2017/08/282017/09/28
Starbase A crowdfunding platform powered by blockchains.STAR2017/08/302017/10/14
Integrative Wallet Token Blockchain solutions in our application for the world.IWT2017/08/312017/09/28
Monetha A decentralized reputation system with a built in payment processing network that gives users 0.2% rewards in the form of the MTH token for every purchase made.MTH2017/08/312017/09/30
Karmo Bring accountability and transparency to humanitarian causes.KRM2017/09/012017/09/08
Minerva Smart money on the Ethereum blockchain.OWL2017/09/012017/11/19
Soferox A cryptocurrency holding and trading platform, with invoicing and other commerce functions.SFX2017/09/012017/10/15
Disledger A non-blockchain, distributed ledger architecture for high volume transactions and total privacy.DCL2017/09/012017/09/30
Stable An ERC20 token designed to be 5-10 times less volatile compared to major cryptocurrencies.STB2017/09/032017/10/01
Aventus An Ethereum based open standard for the exchange of event tickets built on the blockchain. Sale delayed to late Aug, exact dates TBD.AVT2017/09/062017/09/12
Maecenas A decentralized platform for investing in fine art.ART2017/09/052017/10/03
Hut34 Project The Hut34 Project aims to provide the infrastructure to power an open market for the exchange of information, similar to Quora.ENT2017/09/072017/10/05
Datum Network The decentralized personal data bank accountDAT2017/09/122017/10/12
Electroneum The Mobile Cryptocurrency, wallet & miningETN2017/09/142017/10/31
Winding Tree Decentralizing the oligopolistic travel industry.LIF2017/09/182017/10/18
Unikrn Rewards and incentive token for e-sports participants, players and teams.UNIKOINGOLD2017/09/222017/10/01
Napoleon X Smart Trading BotsNPX2017/09/292017/10/29
Kings Distributed Systems A distributed supercomputer.2017/10/01
Qvolta Global P2P cryptocurrency-fiat exchanged platform support EthereumQVT2017/10/102017/11/11
Lordmancer Ii Lordmancer II is a mobile MMO RPG where players can mine cryptocurrencyLC2017/08/212017/12/29
Jincor Jincor is a venture-backed enterprise communication toolJCR2017/08/212017/09/18
Storm A decentralized micro-task marketplace economy.STORM2017/08/152017/09/14
Zen Protocol A blockchain built for financeZEN
Prewabi A chip-based product verification sticker designed to link physical consumer goods with blockchain identities.PWB2017/07/282017/08/18
Fluence Decentralized storage platform for structured data.FLU2017/09/04
Foodcoin Global blockchain ecosystem for agriculture and food businessesFDC2017/08/23
Wepower Network Green energy exchange platformWPR
Enjin Coin Gaming community management platform enabling integration of marketplaces for tokenized virtual goods with decentralized payment gateways. Tokens are used to pay for platform services.ENJ2017/09/012017/10/01
Gimli The decentralized eSports platform for streamers.GIM
Ties Network Decentralized business platformTIE
Autoria An ERC-20 token that implements automatic mining.AUT
Aigang a blockchain protocol for digital insurance built on Ethereum.APT2017/08/252017/10/09
Aether United A crowdfunded and crowd-governed eSports team.AUN2017/09/122017/10/13
Git Money Freelance marketplaceGIT MONEY
Vega A decentralized, token-based investment fund.VEGA
Bitnatura The natural capital marketplaceBN
Codetract Building on Ethereum for mainstream transaction of valueCTT
Truebit A scalable verification solution for blockchains.TRUEBIT
Reidao Digital tokens backed by specific real estate, with individual tokens linked to unique properties.REI2017/10/022017/10/27
Bitproperty Future of REITBTP
Crucoins Revolutionizing Art MonetizationCRUCOINS
Rex Decentralized real estate listing platform built on Ethereum.REX2017/07/312017/08/25
0x 0x is a cryptoeconomic protocol that facilitates peer-to-peer exchange of Ethereum-based assets.ZRX2017/09/092017/10/09
AbabA decentralized marketplace of accommodation rentals with common base of guests and hosts.AAA2017/08/152017/09/15
Ahoolee IcoA search engine dedicated to online shopping.AHT2017/08/282018/09/11
Alis A social media network based on blockchain technology for Japan.ALIS2017/09/012017/09/29
Alpencoin Investment in german eCommerce Venture Capitalist with a reported interest in several ready-to-deploy projects.ALP2017/08/122017/09/11
AnryzeAnryze is a peer-to-peer distributed computing network for speech recognition and neural network education.RYZ2017/09/122017/10/12
AppetissimoA community-driven mobile apps and games development platform.AMO2017/08/142017/08/28
Archain A de-centralised archive of the internet, build on a new block structure that significantly improves scaling.ARC2017/08/022017/09/13
AtbcoinA cryptocurrency designed to deliver fast, secure and near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world.ATB2017/06/122017/08/31
Avalon An exclusive membership discount platform and affinity group for cryptocurrency adopters.AVA2017/08/252017/09/13
BattleballBlockchain application for gameified betting on sports events.BBC2017/06/212017/08/21
BbillerDouble entry accounting and billing services on a blockchain for supply chains.BBR2017/08/142017/12/31
BitbounceA crypto-token based spam solution for email.CREDO2017/07/262017/08/30
BitotalA crypto trading index.TTT2017/07/012017/08/31
BoulèBoulé applies Blockchain technology to the political voting system, digitizing ballots, creating remote voting opportunities, and making the voting process cheaper, faster and safer.BUO2017/08/282017/09/24
Cccoin A cryptocurrency designed with charitable giving in mind. 75% of transaction fee proceeds will be distributed to major charities using a DAO voting model.CCC2017/08/212017/09/21
Chronologic An ERC20 token with a time-based minting protocol. DAY tokens serve as a proof of time's passage.DAY2017/08/282017/09/04
Corion PlatformA payment platform built on Ethereum Classic with a price controlled token and incentive based inflation rewards.COR2017/06/182017/08/27
CryptochipAn Ethereum ERC20 token that aims to become a payment channel for vacation packages and gambling chips at major casinos.CRC2017/09/292017/10/29
Datum Datum is a secure and decentralized personal data bank account powered by Ethereum, BigchainDB and IPFS.DAT2017/09/122017/10/12
DemeterA decentralized ecosystem for tokenizing organic food production.DMT2017/08/252017/09/25
Dentacoin A set of decentralized software products for the dental industry. The first product will be a patent/doctor review service.DCN2017/10/012017/10/31
Estate Coin A Russia based real estate construction firm that wants to heat homes with cryptocurrency mining farms. Token holders would earn a portion of the profits from mining.ESC2017/09/012017/09/30
EtherpartySmart contract compiler that lets anyone without coding experience launch tokens on Ethereum. Those interested in public presale should contact k@vanbex.comFUEL2017/09/152017/10/06
Ethlend ETHLend is a decentralised P2P lending platform. Our goal is to democratize global lending markets.LEND2017/09/252017/10/25
Filecoin The Filecoin network will operate as a decentralized, open marketplace for storage services.FIL2017/08/102017/09/10
Finamatrix Finamatrix is a machine learning service to be used by crypto-finance funds.FIX2017/08/032017/09/08
Finshi CapitalA tokenized venture capital fund.FINS2017/08/012017/08/31
Foodcoin EcosystemA new blockchain ecosystem designed to enable a global marketplace of food and agricultural products using Ethereum technology.FDC2017/08/232017/09/06
Gene-chaincoinEncrypgen's Gene-Chain is a private blockchain for researchers and patients to safely store and share genomic data on a blockchain. Sale has no end date.GENECC2017/06/012017/12/31
Genevieve GxA tokenized venture capital fund.GXC2017/08/252017/08/31
Gluon Gluon’s platform establishes an interconnected network of vehicles where individuals and businesses can be monitored, tracked, tuned, and diagnosed with issues.GLU2017/08/072017/09/18
Graphgrail AiAn Artificial Intelligence platform for Blockchain, built on top of a natural language processing technology.GAI2017/09/252017/10/25
Hellogold A live and revenue-generating app that enables mass market customers to buy and sell gold-backed ERC20 tokens.HGT2017/08/282017/10/02
Horyzon A decentralized platform for data gathering, location and non-location specific, perfect for R&D companies but also governmental & (non) profit companies.ZON2017/09/152017/10/15
Icon ICON is one of the largest blockchain networks in the world. ICON boasts independent blockchains comprised of reputable institutions in major industries.ICX2017/10/202017/11/20
ImmersiveosAn augmented reality platform powered by blockchain.IMM2017/07/222017/09/01
Imperium Decentralized Sports Betting platform that offers zero fees and unlimited betting to its users.MPRM2017/08/202017/08/27
Kairos A crypto asset Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that is fully driven by Artificial Intelligence.KRX2017/07/272017/08/27
Karbon A decentralized social media platform with a built-in marketplace. Team also plans on issuing a branded crypto-debit card.KARB2017/07/232017/09/23
Latium A microtasking platform connecting laborers and employers.LAT2017/08/152017/09/15
Loci Coin A visual searching tool for patents, designed to simplify the process of identifying patents and ideas. Exact dates TBA.LOCI2017/10/312017/11/30
Lust AgencyA decentralized sex marketplace with a goal to enable all human beings on earth to find their perfect sexual partner anonymously.LUST2017/09/19
Medibond Advancing & enhancing the healthcare experience, through the blockchain OR Healthcare in Your HandsMEDI2017/08/042017/09/04
MoedaCrypto-banking platform focused on helping women affect positive change in their communities.MOEDA2017/08/282017/09/28
Napoleonx Decentralized quantitative hedge fund offering a profit-sharing token.NPX2017/09/152017/10/15
Neverdie TeleportA virtual reality gaming infrastructure project that utilizes the NEVERDIE Coin and Teleport tokens to connect virtual worlds and MMORPG's on the Ethereum Blockchain.TPT2017/06/302017/09/01
Obsidian The Obsidian Platform is a secure anonymous messaging application built on the Obsidian blockchain, based on Stratis' C# codebase.ODN2017/07/152017/08/19
One BankAn Integrated financial services platform based on Byteball.SPE2017/07/152017/08/31
Onegram Sharia-compliant Gold Backed Digital CurrencyOGC2017/05/272017/09/24
Ong.sociala blockchain based dashboard that aggregates feeds from multiple social media networks and supports social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards.ONG2017/08/112017/09/12
PlimstAn ad platform on counterparty that seeks to provide Universal Basic Income for all internet users by monetizing their attention and personal data.PLM2017/10/312017/11/30
Pylon Network A decentralized energy exchange platform powered by renewable energy.PYLON2017/09/042017/10/10
RakugoA tokenized publishing platform that rewards contributors with revenue and exposure for their content.RKT2018/08/192017/09/19
Rigoblock Decentralized hedge fund platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Users can create their own decentralized hedge fund, manage investors, trade on decentralized exchanges.GRG2018/01/012018/01/15
S3entigraphA decentralized application for collecting and analyzing user submitted sentiment data.GRAPH2017/08/142017/09/13
Sancoin A "contribution graph" blockchain designed to help keep track of project contributors in the open-source community.S8N2017/07/192017/08/21
StreamspaceA network that will link creative, independent filmmakers with consumers.SSH2017/08/212017/09/18
TargetcoinA closed-end crypto fund.TGT2017/07/152017/08/31
Tele2-teleport Building high-speed optic channel to cost-effectively connect Europe and China.TELE22017/09/072017/10/10
TierionA universal platform for data verification that operates at scale.TNT2017/07/27
Tokenstub TokenStub is a decentralized infrastructure for event ticket sales.STUB2017/08/232017/10/03
Transmission Transfer and conversion multicurrency platform that can be a convenient tool for your business and daily financial activities.TMN2017/08/302017/09/09
UnitfundClosed-end VC fund. Token represents profit-sharing rights.UFT2017/07/262017/08/26
UnytA decentralized platform to facilitate safe online trading of goods and services, built on Ethereum.UNYT2017/08/212017/09/04
Ventured Network Ventured seeks to establish social equity between contractors and companies through smart work contracts, built on EthereumVCN2017/08/252017/09/25
Virtual Cash BackA mobile coupon/rebate application and redemption processing infrastructure based on an ERC20 token.VCB2017/07/192017/10/19
VirtutvA decentralized video consumption and monetization platform.VRTU2017/08/092017/09/09
Vista FintechAsset backed token creation and trading platform on Etheruem.VTA2017/07/312017/08/31
Working TravellerA p2p travel platform that enables users to share their skills with small businessess as they travel around the world.WTC2017/08/242017/09/08
Wwam A safe, decentralized and anonymous messaging protocol built upon a new blockchain to be developed.WWAM2017/08/092017/09/06
ZerotrafficA real-time mobile traffic application that engages and rewards individuals for positive behavior using non-monetary incentives.ZTT2017/08/142017/09/15
BlockcatCreate smart contracts with no programming required.2017/08/16
LooqA decentralized marketplace for virtual reality gaming.2017/08/20
BetkingNew platform for provably fair casino games.2017/09/04
MybitDecentralized asset management platform.2017/08/16
Last WillSmart contract wills for sudden illness or death.2017/08/17
Lambo TokenA lamp tipping bot integrated with Reddit.2017/08/18
Salt LendingA blockchain based lending platform.2017/08/22
TrafficxDecentralized transportation platform built on Ethereum.2017/08/24
Bitbounce / CredoA cryptocurrency solution for email spam.2017/08/25
Golden MileA decentralized network for buying, selling, and swapping.2017/08/28
GroceryxPlatform for community based distribution of food.2017/08/29
RedticketMovie creation and ticketing platform.2017/08/29
MoosecoinMoosty, a blockchain based music platform bringing together musicians, music lovers, streaming services, record labels and investorsMOOSE2017/07/302017/08/30
SandcoinAn electronic option for high quality sand.2017/08/30
HashcoinsTrailer Park Boys medical marijuana coin.2017/08/31
LockchainCustom blockchains and smart contracts for government and industry.2017/08/31
Impak CoinA stable cryptocurrency designed for social impact.2017/08/31
Vista FinancialA new blockchain investment service.2017/08/31
Bits DigitAn ecosystem designed for non-technical crypto users.2017/08/31
HuntbetA blockchain based eSports betting platform.2017/09/02
Dcl CoinA lending platform for direct, secured loans.2017/09/05
Rocket IcoA decentralized accelerator for startups.2017/09/05
PlexcoinNew crypto simplifying the process of managing funds.2017/09/08
Pow FarmA community funded Proof of Work mining farm.2017/09/08
CyberyA Russian platform for cyber security education.2017/09/09
Bet NetworkGlobal betting platform built on Ethereum.2017/09/11
VentanaAnti-piracy and content distribution platform.2017/09/11
Gisc LoancoinA platform for funding companies with loans.2017/09/12
BlockpassA decentralized ticket exchange and marketplace.2017/09/12
FacecoinA decentralized social network.2017/09/15
CrowdholdingCrowdholding is a decentralized open innovation platform that connects entrepreneurs and supporters.YUP2017/11/012017/09/17
Flyp.meAn account-less cryptocurrency exchange.2017/09/21
NametokenInvest into the decentralized domain ecosystem and participate in extraordinary growth of the domain and hosting industryNAT2017/08/012017/09/30
The AgoraDecentralized marketplace built with Ethereum and IPFS.2017/10/05
Bitcoin LotteryPeer-to-peer, open source lottery.2017/10/08
Jelurida / IgnisThe first child chain of blockchain platform Ardor.2017/10/14
Vcb TokenUsing the blockchain for coupon and rebate programs.2017/10/17
Make It ViralA new video sharing platform with token incentives.2017/10/31
KumoBlockchain based cloud computing platform.2017/10/31
ImpactppaA new decentralized utility company.2017/11/15
SnapupA revolutionary platform to shop for premium productsSNP2017/08/282017/09/04
FaradToken backed by the production of ultra-capacitors.2017/09/15
Teu / 300cubitsCryptocurrency for the container shipping industry.2017/08/16
KickcityDecentralized reward-based event platform.2017/08/16
BecksangA unified, low-fee cryptocurrency platform2017/08/18
Intelligent Trading TechCrypto market predictors and insights.2017/08/18
MakersmarksPhysical product identification, history and ownership.2017/08/19
Umbrella CoinInsurance platform built on Ethereum.2017/08/20
SlotnslotOnline slot machine platform running on Ethereum.2017/08/20
Mammoth CasinoDecentralized gambling platform built using smart contracts.2017/08/20
FlikEntertainment platform to fund, film, and distribute creative projects.2017/08/20
FeeedA new way to finance startups.2017/08/20
TorrentchainAnonymous, blockchain based torrenting / file sharing.2017/08/20
Detector TokenA bot that monitors cryptocurrency & betting markets.2017/08/20
TracorA new decentralized logistics platform.2017/08/21
Silent NotaryThe system for providing evidence in your smartphone.SNTR2017/08/212017/09/04
Lordmancer 2Mine cryptocurrency in a mobile MMORPG.2017/08/21
RevainTransparent, blockchain based review platform.2017/08/21
BanerBlockchain technology with an economic advantage.2017/08/21
PayperexAn alternative share market built on blockchain tech.2017/08/21
Empire CardA new debit card for making purchases with cryptocurrency.2017/08/21
MatryxCrowdsourced science on the Ethereum blockchain.2017/08/22
SocialxA decentralized social network.2017/08/25
Asset TokenToken that lets you transfer credit card reward points.2017/08/25
GodzillionA decentralized startup crowdfunding system.GODZ2017/08/252017/09/24
ScoristaDecentralized credit bureau and risk management assistant.2017/08/26
Decentralized EscrowA decentralized escrow service.2017/08/27
BouleRemote voting technology built on Ethereum.2017/08/28
Baobab MarketDecentralized web accessible eCommerce platform.2017/08/28
StarmineOn-demand datasets for machine learning & AI.2017/08/28
UtrustUTRUST is a ground-breaking payment platform that empowers buyers to pay with their favorite cryptocurrencies while providing the best consumer protection in the market.UTK2017/08/282017/10/30
AirtokenUnlocking mobile accessibility for the underserved.2017/08/29
LitraA new platform for electronic health records.2017/08/30
IbuildappConnecting mobile apps with decentralized apps.2017/08/31
Tokenstars AceAn incubator for talented tennis players.2017/08/31
ZloadrA global blockchain publishing platform.2017/09/01
Opakeco FoundationCharity resource chain verification.2017/09/01
AmmbrTokenizing internet connectivity with a wireless mesh network.2017/09/01
OxycoinA new delegated proof of stake blockchain.2017/09/01
Rosenbridge DigitalDecentralized funding platform.2017/09/01
BitindiaA crypto wallet and exchange for the streets of India.2017/09/01
Rent TokenSolving the problems of owning rental properties.2017/09/02
WanchainA distributed financial infrastructure to link blockchains.2017/09/06
ChainlinkA fully decentralized oracle network.2017/09/07
InternxtThe new, decentralized internet for apps, websites and more.INXT2017/09/072017/09/28
SwarmEasily co-invest alongside the experts.2017/09/07
Science BlockchainOne of America's most successful startup incubators.2017/09/11
EventchainBlockchain network for buying and selling SmartTickets.EVC2017/09/132017/09/27
HashrushA large scale hash-powered strategy game.2017/09/14
Crypto TicketsBlockchain based ticket sales platform.2017/09/14
BitclaveBlockchain based, decentralized search engine.2017/09/15
ParagonA new blockchain for the cannabis industry.2017/09/15
CryptumTokens backed by free access to high-end board games.2017/09/16
Genesis WorldBuilding a global IT ecosystem.GW2017/09/202017/10/01
AcumenA decentralized, global patent system.2017/09/20
Salt CoinCommodity cryptocurrency based on real salt mining.2017/09/24
GraphgrailA blockchain based artificial intelligence platform.2017/09/25
BodhiA decentralized prediction market focusing on the Chinese market.2017/09/25
RockchainDistributed data intelligence infrastructure.2017/09/26
CartaxiA car towing platform built on the blockchain.2017/09/29
WepowerPlatform to buy, trade or invest in tokenized green energy.2017/09/30
WinbotAutonomous trading and investing bot.
Ties.networkSecure business deals within your professional network.
Crypto Improvement FundA community project to fund awareness of cryptocurrency.2017/10/01
OdmcoinBlockchain option for the oil and gas sector.2017/10/02
PeerityA social connection and activity platform.2017/10/02
ProofA decentralized trading environment for digitized assets.2017/10/08
SwissborgA project with the objective to create a community owned Swiss CyberBank.2017/10/15
PublicaA decentralized publishing platform.2017/10/25
LociDistributed database for patent research, discovery, and licensing.2017/10/31
Sharpe CapitalDecentralized machine learning investment fund.2017/11/06
CpropEnd-to-end blockchain solution for the real estate industry.
Prime-exA new, decentralized way to fund real estate development.
LegacyTransfer your memories and cryptos to loved ones after death.
Pareto NetworkIncentivizing the free flow of objective information.
EtchShared financial ledger for the construction industry.
ErachainA next generation blockchain platform.
NeufundA tokenized venture capital (VC) fund.
Deepsee CurrentseeCommunity driven content platform.
TkonDecentralized cloud storage platform.
Smoke NetworkA social network for cannabis built on EOS.
New DubravaA blockchain project to build a new satellite city.
HarbourCommunity-governed, Ethereum-based DAO for managing and holding token assets by harnessing the wisdom of the crowdHRB2017/08/012017/08/29
AcumenA decentralized, global patent system.
Dit Wealth ChainA new investment service based on blockchain.
EroscoinPlatform that empowers & enhances the payment systems.EROS
GraftDecentralized global payment processing for merchants.
Bits.estateA decentralized real estate investment platform.
DetherBuy and sell ETH worldwide with cash.
Power LedgerA transparent, blockchain based energy marketplace.
Ofo CoinA cryptocurrency for the content ecosystem.
RadjavDecentralized datacenter, smart contracts, and JavaScript language.
Omega OneA cheaper and safer way to trade cryptocurrencies.
UjoA modern music supply chain built on Ethereum.
SwapERC-20 token trading ecosystem built on Ethereum.
PillarNext-gen, open source crypto wallet.
Orc NetworkAnonymous cloud storage coordinated over Tor.
Internet Of AgreementsLegally binding smart contracts on the blockchain.
GetgameA virtual and augmented reality gaming platform.
FluonP2P asset management ecosystem.
Kin By KikAn existing messaging app with millions of users.
VeonP2P code auditing platform built on Ethereum.
LivepeerDecentralized, live video broadcasting platform.
Grid+Distributed electricity provider and market built on Ethereum.
DharmaA protocol for peer-to-peer lending.
XarcadeBlockchain video game distribution platform on NEM.
Napoleon CapitalPlatform for computer driven asset management.
DynamisPeer-to-peer insurance company and platform.
BoardroomNext-gen blockchain governance suite.
DdamDecentralized data markets built on Ethereum.
OrbCommunity banking / cryptocurrency management platform.
YoyowContent creation and sharing platform.
Virtue PokerP2P decentralized poker platform built on Ethereum.
CentzGift card cryptocurrency exchange by OpenLedger.
EtherexA fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.
Cru CoinsTokens designed to fund an art exhibition by Corp Cru.
ShopeoDecentralised Amazon & ICO HubSHP2017/08/102017/08/17
Science Power And Research CoinA Distributed SupercomputerSPARC2017/07/272017/08/25
Star Wars CoinStar Wars Coin is the cryptocurrency of the Star Wars Universe.SWC2017/07/262017/08/26
EncrypgenStoring genomic data on a blockchainDNA2017/06/012017/09/01
Meta ExchangeFirst cryptocurrency exchange which offers buying and selling of Bitcoin through bank accounts.METAX2017/08/052017/09/04
NomadcoinSustainable decentralised organization for the remote worker communityDNNT2017/08/092017/09/09
Prospectors GoldMassive multiplayer online real time economic strategyPGL2017/08/102017/09/10
CostacoinCostaCoin is a ERC20 compatible Ethereum based token available for ICO & CrowdfundingCTC2017/07/012017/09/30
Aucoin1st government sponsored decentralized peer-to-peer 100% gold-backed global reserve cryptocurrency, with built in "intrinsic value" of its weight in gold bullion for each AUcoin crypto token.AUC2017/08/152017/09/30
AirpornThe world’s first anonymous and decentralized adult entertainment video streaming platform powered by blockchain technology.XXX2017/08/142017/11/14
TremissisA new token relased in three levels finishing by a new digital currency.TMS2017/08/012018/09/30
CryptoslotsCasual blockchain gambling for all devicesSPIN2017/08/182017/09/18
JustmakeDecentralized person-to-person, person-to-business, and business-to-business ecosystem.JM2017/08/212017/09/18
Solomon ExchangeFirst cryptocurrency exchange which offers buying and selling of Bitcoin through bank accounts.SMNX2017/08/272017/08/28
ZephyrWorld's first Blockchain powered cleantech seed investment fund.ZPHR2017/09/012017/09/30
Swarm FundCooperative Ownership Platform for Real AssetsSWARM2017/09/072017/09/22
Rush CoinThe world’s first astrategic game fueled by cryptocurrency miningRC2017/09/122017/10/12
PrizmPRIZM - The New Generation CryptocurrencyPZM

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