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VesaAn independent blockchain service for copy trading.01/01/201821/01/2018
QonexaThe self-described, future of digital world of currencies.01/01/201821/01/2018
FintruxA P2P lending ecosystem making unsecured loans highly secure.01/01/201821/01/2018
Robin8 ProfileAn influencer search engine and marketplace for profiling.01/01/201821/01/2018
Robin8 ProfileAn influencer search engine and marketplace for profiling.01/01/201821/01/2018
First Token AsiaAspiring to be the leading Crypto Investment Bank.01/01/201821/01/2018
Captial ExpanseSustainable lending meets mobile mining01/01/201821/01/2018
Electron World MoneyA non-profit organization aiming to simplify global trade.01/01/201822/01/2018
GuardiumAn economic framework for distributed emergency response for the unbanked.01/01/201822/01/2018
CoinmetroA one-size-fits-all fintech platform.01/01/201822/01/2018
ThorncoinThird-generation self-managing lending platform powered on AWS servers01/01/201822/01/2018
E-pocketSimplifying people's lives through smart technologies.01/01/201822/01/2018
Crowd CoinageAn OS for the future of funding.01/01/201822/01/2018
AdbankAn online advertising platform built on Ethereum.01/01/201822/01/2018
S-coinDeveloping an industry chain of cryptocurrency ecosystems.01/01/201822/01/2018
AstorgameAn eSports and online gambling platform.01/01/201823/01/2018
X8A new store of value for crypto investors.01/01/201823/01/2018
X8A new store of value for crypto investors.01/01/201823/01/2018
Revv CoinSmart phone application mining.01/01/201823/01/2018
QlinkA decentralized, open-source mobile network.01/01/201823/01/2018
Tor-q-allA platform for blockchain-based mobile phone and internet access.01/01/201823/01/2018
SkaraRewarding the SKARA community by connecting to the economy of the future.skt01/01/201824/01/2018
UnilotA decentralized gambling platform which allows users to play and host online games.01/01/201824/01/2018
Veritas MiningTurning renewable green energy into cryptocurrency by means of crypto mining01/01/201824/01/2018
Veritas MiningTurning renewable green energy into cryptocurrency by means of crypto mining01/01/201824/01/2018
GturboGTurbo is the first token-option for gas turbine production!gtr01/01/201825/01/2018
MedicalchainA blockchain for electronic health records.01/01/201825/01/2018
House Coupon TokenA real estate coupon token for purchasing properties.01/01/201825/01/2018
HashtokenA token that allows you to purchase crypto mining hash power. (Pre-sale)01/01/201825/01/2018
PeculiumA savings management platform utilizing blockchain technology.01/01/201825/01/2018
ObizcoinRobotic process automation for startups and SMEs.01/01/201825/01/2018
LoopxA new trading software based on its Loop-Algorithm01/01/201825/01/2018
SocialxA decentralized social network.01/01/201825/01/2018
LotusA platform for travel-related transactions on the blockchain01/01/201825/01/2018
Ignite RatingsA truly decentralized and self-regulating ratings platform.01/01/201825/01/2018
BlunnerA cutting edge artificial intelligence web design system.01/01/201825/01/2018
Banana PapaFunding the production of banana chips.01/01/201825/01/2018
Arise BankBuilding a decentralized crypto bank for the people.01/01/201825/01/2018
AdamantAn anonymous, encrypted, blockchain based messenger.01/01/201826/01/2018
Aida ServiceAN Automated sales service with a decentralized database.01/01/201826/01/2018
AcomobaseThe Uber of hospitality for the blockchain era.01/01/201826/01/2018
FciskynetFCI Coin network is a new system which allows the exchange and conversion of digital assets.01/01/201826/01/2018
OpportyDecentralized service marketplace and knowledge-sharing platform.01/01/201826/01/2018
Mining SolutionsFunding the creation of a cryptocurrency mining center.01/01/201826/01/2018
Xwin CryptobetA crypto bookmaker aiming to be safe and secure.01/01/201826/01/2018
SafecryptEmpowering the crypto trading community with advanced encryption.01/01/201826/01/2018
BchconnectBCHConnect is a financial system with P2P transactions based on a open source blockchain technology.01/01/201826/01/2018
ReceiptcoinA standard for global supply chain tracking and documentation.01/01/201827/01/2018
EwaiterA simple way to invest in the restaurant service industry.01/01/201827/01/2018
SavedroidAn AI-fueled ecosystem of crypto saving and investing.01/01/201827/01/2018
Rate DateA dating site with online video date auctions.01/01/201827/01/2018
LiminalityAn Artificial Intelligence (AI) that lives in the blockchain.01/01/201827/01/2018
PropifyA curated real estate ecosystem.01/01/201827/01/2018
World Coin NetworkThe self-described, future of Middle Eastern commerce.01/01/201828/01/2018
ModultradeDemocratizing global trade with blockchain technology.01/01/201828/01/2018
ModultradeDemocratizing global trade with blockchain technology.01/01/201828/01/2018
NilecoinA new blockchain platform focused on security & reliability.01/01/201828/01/2018
NovexMaking blockchain payments accessible to everyone01/01/201828/01/2018
Crypto N' KafeA blockchain based coffee trading ecosystem.01/01/201830/01/2018
QiibeeA decentralized loyalty ecosystem.01/01/201830/01/2018
GloboBrining machine to machine communication to the globe.01/01/201830/01/2018
PentaxcoinAn entirely decentralized open source worldwide currency, without any central authority01/01/201831/01/2018
EvareiumTokenizing and digitizing real estate investment.01/01/201831/01/2018
CooonetA cryptocurrency for worldwide multipurpose online service exchange platform.01/01/201831/01/2018
Wys TokenA visual mobile shopping experience with a new token for e-commerce.01/01/201831/01/2018
Balehu BucksEmpowering local merchants and consumers through blockchain technology.01/01/201831/01/2018
Fintech FansA decentralized staffing platform for the financial technology industry.01/01/201831/01/2018
SrcoinA subscription revenue and asset based cryptocurrency.01/01/201831/01/2018
EthertyTokens that are backed by real estate properties.01/01/201831/01/2018
SafekeetCreating a secure digital safe deposit box for everyone.01/01/201831/01/2018
Gold Bits CoinA cryptocurrency backed by gold.01/01/201831/01/2018
DecoinA blockchain based betting platform.01/01/201831/01/2018
Viola.aiViola.AI is the World’s First A.I-driven Marketplace for Dating and Relationships with real business backing of 13 years.viola01/01/201801/02/2018
CoinplaceA direct trade service for ICO tokens.01/01/201801/02/2018
Pinnacle BrillianceA Stellar based token used within a full featured investment app.01/01/201801/02/2018
PlaybetsA decentralized platform with mass gambling games.01/01/201801/02/2018
BetexA peer-to-peer binary options platform.01/01/201801/02/2018
GenieThe First Business Loans Asset Exchange in Asia.01/01/201801/02/2018
Crymix ProjectA new blockchain platform and ecosystem.01/01/201801/02/2018
AxpireEmpowering finance managers and administrators.01/01/201801/02/2018
PersonaA solution for digital identity management.01/01/201801/02/2018
Beluga PayA complete mobile point of sale system.01/01/201801/02/2018
CaviarDual purpose crypto and real estate investment fund and crowdfunding platform.01/01/201801/02/2018
Fast InvestA digital bank for the people with a focus on the investment sector.01/01/201801/02/2018
PocketinnsA decentralized community driven marketplace ecosystem.01/01/201801/02/2018
CaviarDual purpose crypto and real estate investment fund and crowdfunding platform.01/01/201801/02/2018
Game MachineA blockchain ecosystem connecting the game industry and the cryptoeconomy.01/01/201801/02/2018
PagarexA new global cryptocurrency ecosystem.01/01/201801/02/2018
OjutThe coin for global travelers in real life.01/01/201801/02/2018
Kyc.legalA blockchain identity verification platform.01/01/201801/02/2018
Sp8deA decentralized platform for gaming dApps.01/01/201802/02/2018
HopecoinDonate to charity and receive Hopecoin as a reward.01/01/201802/02/2018
ExtracreditThe largest blockchain educational resource.01/01/201802/02/2018
AidcoinThe token for the new era of giving.01/01/201802/02/2018
AidcoinThe token for the new era of giving.01/01/201802/02/2018
RxealAn awaited solution for global rental markets on blockchain tech.01/01/201803/02/2018
Alchemy ByteA single token that gives you access to 60+ cryptocurrencies.01/01/201803/02/2018
PodbumEnabling music distribution everywhere.01/01/201804/02/2018
EzposUsing cryptocurrency to power a universal loyalty community.01/01/201805/02/2018
Thrive TokenA premium, decentralized ad marketplace.01/01/201806/02/2018
Royal Capital FundA tokenized blockchain investment fund.01/01/201806/02/2018
VectorzillaA blockchain-based royalty free graphics marketpla01/01/201806/02/2018
Restart Energy DemocracySend and receive energy anywhere on Earth.01/01/201807/02/2018
CoinfiA decentralized market intelligence platform.01/01/201807/02/2018
SnagrideDecentralized AI ride sharing application on the Ethereum blockchain.01/01/201808/02/2018
JolyyBlockchain tech for fair, cheap and efficient beauty services.01/01/201809/02/2018
Giza DeviceEasy cryptocurrency storage and password management.01/01/201809/02/2018
BlockfoodA decentralized food ordering platform.01/01/201809/02/2018
ArcblockA blockchain ecosystem for building and deploying dApps.abt01/01/201810/02/2018
RealblockchainA blockchain based Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).01/01/201810/02/2018
PegasuscoinA coin for global privacy.01/01/201810/02/2018
BithubAiming to create a next generation digital asset exchange.01/01/201810/02/2018
AntiqmallA blockchain platform for buying and selling antiques.01/01/201810/02/2018
Live EduDecentralized live and video online learning platform.01/01/201810/02/2018
Valhalla CoinHuman disaster recovery.01/01/201811/02/2018
Qilin MarketDistributed marketplace for exchanging goods with digital assets.01/01/201812/02/2018
3d-tokenFunding the Blockchain Based Factory 4.001/01/201812/02/2018
YourblockAn incentivized personal data storage platform.01/01/201813/02/2018
BcshopE-Commerce / E-Payments Platform On Ethereum01/01/201814/02/2018
BcshopE-Commerce / E-Payments Platform On Ethereum01/01/201814/02/2018
ElementhA blockchain platform for ecommerce.01/01/201815/02/2018
WikibitsBe part of the next generation wiki.01/01/201815/02/2018
SyncfabSupply chain management tool to procure, track & organize your local parts production.01/01/201815/02/2018
FirelottoA simple and understandable international blockchain lottery01/01/201815/02/2018
Weare EcosystemA platform which unites projects and their backers.01/01/201815/02/2018
MatrixA new blockchain 3.0 network.01/01/201816/02/2018
U-truckA global, blockchain based logistics platform.01/01/201816/02/2018
AmchartA universal electronic health record (EHR) aiming to change healthcare.01/01/201816/02/2018
CubeA blockchain based, autonomous car security platform.01/01/201816/02/2018
Kudos ProjectBlockchain Protocol for Trusted Ratings and Performance Driven Rewards01/01/201816/02/2018
KriosA decentralized marketing campaign management platform.01/01/201816/02/2018
ChatelloConnecting people in ways that were impossible before.01/01/201816/02/2018
KriosA decentralized marketing campaign management platform.01/01/201816/02/2018
Domani SystemsBlockchain powered collaboration and integration platform.01/01/201817/02/2018
GraftAccept Crypto at the Point of Sale. Natively.01/01/201818/02/2018
MoriaA decentralized investment platform for precious metal extraction.01/01/201823/02/2018
CoinlionA crypto exchange & portfolio platform that rewards its users.01/01/201825/02/2018
CoinlionA crypto exchange & portfolio platform that rewards its users.01/01/201825/02/2018
Tokenstars TeamThe first celebrity management platform on the blockchain.01/01/201828/02/2018
LucydAn augmented reality (AR) display that looks like regular glasses.01/01/201828/02/2018
SynthestechSynthestech is a scientific research center engaged in technology development for synthesis of precious metals and valuable isotopes.stt01/01/201801/03/2018
TranscodiumA blockchain-based data transcoding platform.01/01/201801/03/2018
DogezerA platform for launching and funding startups.01/01/201808/03/2018
RepuxRepuX is a blockchain-backed protocol and platform for SMEs to earn rewards for sharing data on a secure, decentralized networkrepux01/01/201809/03/2018
FutereumA smart contract enabled, utility derivative.01/01/201816/03/2018
Valorem FoundationA reserve lending and peer-to-peer platform for multi-party transactions.01/01/201830/03/2018
ClearcoinA platform for buying and selling media online.01/01/201801/04/2018
GlobitexGlobitex is a leading Bitcoin exchange owned by an EMI (Electronic Money Institution) licensed group, that enables commodities trading paired with cryptocurrency and a technologically advanced API for market makers.gbx01/01/201801/07/2018
BulltokenGiving cryptocurrency investors an arena to work together towards a common goal.01/01/201805/07/2018
Stockchain GlobalImproving how financial assets are bought, managed, and sold.19/01/201807/02/2018
CoinpokerCryptocurrency online poker powered by smart contracts.19/01/201807/02/2018
TrakinvestA virtual social investment platform for equities.19/01/201807/02/2018
NovalendAiming to transform banking and investments.19/01/201807/02/2018
SqueezerCreate blockchain apps like a pro.20/01/201808/02/2018
Jwc Blockchain VenturesConnecting venture capital, blockchain tech, and an eCommerce ecosystem.20/01/201808/02/2018
Velix.idA global platform for frictionless identity verification.20/01/201808/02/2018
Velix.idA global platform for frictionless identity verification.20/01/201808/02/2018
ShowmebizA worldwide virtual expo center.20/01/201808/02/2018
KeyrptoA blockchain-based e-commerce platform.20/01/201808/02/2018
FinecoinFineCoin gives you the ability to store, lend and transfer all of your money with close to no fees.20/01/201808/02/2018
RealpoundA decentralized real estate investment platform.20/01/201808/02/2018
FlashmoniA blockchain powered Fintech 2.0 solution.20/01/201808/02/2018
DencityA blockchain and AI powered metaverse.20/01/201808/02/2018
Bullcoin GoldA cryptocurrency hedge fund.20/01/201808/02/2018
Blockchain TaxiCreating trustless taxi trips for both ground and air passengers.20/01/201808/02/2018
CoinstarterA platform for cryptocurrency based fundraising.20/01/201808/02/2018
DencityA blockchain and AI powered metaverse.20/01/201808/02/2018
HedgeconnectA lending platform for decentralized hedge funds.20/01/201808/02/2018
AwareA tokenized investment management community.20/01/201808/02/2018
CryderThe first decentralized taxi platform for freelance drivers.20/01/201808/02/2018
Genevieve VcVenture capital on the blockchain.20/01/201808/02/2018
SonocoinThe first audible cryptocurrency.20/01/201808/02/2018
Stop The FakesAn anti-counterfeit and copyright blockchain based service.21/01/201809/02/2018
MavroMulti-level marketing systems on the blockchain.21/01/201809/02/2018
Watertech TokenAffordable clean water for everyone.21/01/201809/02/2018
Circle IcoHybrid platform which allows investors to invest and increase their wealth sustainably.21/01/201809/02/2018
QonexaThe self-described, future of digital world of currencies.21/01/201809/02/2018
PundixEnabling any physical store to sell cryptocurrencies.21/01/201809/02/2018
ZenvowBreathing, yoga, and meditation mining.21/01/201809/02/2018
GeliosA peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform.gls21/01/201811/05/2018
Royal CapitalRoyal Capital Fund is a tokenized investment fund based on blockchain.royal capital22/01/201805/02/2018
Crypto Trust NetworkA platform designed to add an extra trust layer to cryptocurrency.ctn22/01/201810/02/2018
DadiA new era of cloud computing services, powered by blockchain technology.dadi22/01/201810/02/2018
StreamityStreamity is decentralized application for exchange of cryptocurrency to fiat money without intermediaries on the basis of smart contracts.stm22/01/201810/02/2018
LaboAn open source blockchain messenger launched in Japan.22/01/201810/02/2018
BetriumA decentralized, global sports betting platform.22/01/201810/02/2018
BenebitThe currency for customer loyalty.22/01/201810/02/2018
OmnitudeA blockchain platform that connects eCommerce and enterprise platforms.22/01/201810/02/2018
HushBuilding a regulated, tokenized, cryptocurrency compatible bank.22/01/201810/02/2018
CraftyA free, blockchain based home services platform.22/01/201810/02/2018
Smarter Than CryptoA fully autonomous crypto index fund.22/01/201810/02/2018
NeumcoinThe currency to empower digital transactions.22/01/201810/02/2018
ShpingA platform for shopping, brand protection, product safety, and more.22/01/201810/02/2018
On.liveA marketplace for paid advice and computing power.22/01/201810/02/2018
MevuA peer-to-peer network for placing bets.22/01/201810/02/2018
BlitzpredictA decentralized sportsbook and prediction market aggregator.22/01/201810/02/2018
ValuecashThe Decentralized E-Commerce and Investment Ecosystem.22/01/201810/02/2018
CryptoneumPowering the future of crypto lending.22/01/201810/02/2018
ThorncoinThird-generation self-managing lending platform powered on AWS servers22/01/201810/02/2018
MokenexUniversal crypto payment gateway & token exchange.22/01/201810/02/2018
Onz CoinA blockchain for social networks.22/01/201810/02/2018
GuardiumAn economic framework for distributed emergency response for the unbanked.22/01/201810/02/2018
NapoleonxDecentralized quantitative hedge funds.22/01/201810/02/2018
CashbagThe cash back cryptocurrency.22/01/201810/02/2018
E-pocketSimplifying people's lives through smart technologies.22/01/201810/02/2018
Crowd CoinageAn OS for the future of funding.22/01/201810/02/2018
Blitzpredict SponsoredSmart Contracts for Prediction Marketsbpz22/01/201822/02/2018
Napoleon X SponsoredNapoleonX is the first 100% algorithmic crypto asset manager. It has been designed by ex multi-billions asset managers specifically to holders of cryptos who are looking for a return on their savings.npx22/01/201828/02/2018
AlfatokenAlfaToken is a platform that allows to create tokens and smart contracts on different blockchains without coding skills for any kind of business relations including Initial Coin Offerings.at22/01/201822/04/2018
Mark.spaceVR ecosystem powered by blockchain, involving users into social and economic iteractions, creating new content, exchange goods and servicesmrk23/01/201811/02/2018
Gron DigitalGambling & Betting Ecosystem on the Blockchaingro23/01/201811/02/2018
LympoA blockchain platform for monetizing sports and health data.23/01/201811/02/2018
SafinusA platform for investing in cryptocurrencies and ICOs.23/01/201811/02/2018
CotiUnlocking the full potential of global commerce.23/01/201811/02/2018
Krow NetworkA blockchain based, global labor platform.23/01/201811/02/2018
Dimensions NetworkCrypto Trading Platform. Coins, Options, Futures and other Derivatives. Exchange Liquidity Aggregator, National Currency Deposit and Withdrawal Accepted.stc24/01/201812/02/2018
BlockportWe are building a user-friendly crypto exchange that combines social trading with a hybrid-decentralized architecture to help people safely trade crypto assetsbpt24/01/201812/02/2018
Parsec FrontiersMMO game with a virtual galaxy blockchain.24/01/201812/02/2018
Cashbet CoinA crypto-ready, mobile-first gaming platform.24/01/201812/02/2018
ContentmintGet paid for your input.24/01/201812/02/2018
Cdu By Crowd-upA platform for democratizing private investing.24/01/201812/02/2018
LaboAn open source blockchain messenger launched in Japan.24/01/201812/02/2018
Doc CoinA global service integrating the entire online medicine industry.doc25/01/201802/02/2018
BitraceBitrace Investments Ltd is a British company, which is in process of developing the Tunisia Racing F1 City project (sports compound including a Formula 1 Track). We have designed our BITRACE token to be the official cryptocurrency to be used within TUNISIA RACING F1 CITY by 2020.brf25/01/201813/02/2018
Fast Access BlockchainA High Performance Blockchain for Enterprise Applications.fab25/01/201813/02/2018
Debitum NetworkBorderless SME business financing. Leveraging Blockchain technology to secure and distribute fiat investments to the SME world. Decentralized, accessible, and fair.deb25/01/201813/02/2018
CelsiusCelsius is the Future of Consumer Credit: a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Consumer Lending Platform on the Ethereum Blockchaindeg25/01/201813/02/2018
ExpertyCrypto Uber for knowledge sharing. Partners: Quantstamp, Bitcoin Suisse and more.25/01/201813/02/2018
ForgenetAn ecosystem of apps and services for new crypto users.25/01/201813/02/2018
XmonetaAn Ethereum based financial ecosystem.25/01/201813/02/2018
Kwh CoinA blockchain based ecosystem and cryptocurrency backed by units of clean, renewable energy.25/01/201813/02/2018
RootprojectAn effectively tax-subsidized cryptocurrency.25/01/201813/02/2018
Serenity FinancialA blockchain-based marketplace for traders and brokers.25/01/201813/02/2018
Fund FantasyA financial fantasy contest where users compete to craft the best portfolio.25/01/201813/02/2018
FinecoinFineCoin gives you the ability to store, lend and transfer all of your money with close to no fees.25/01/201813/02/2018
HashtokenA token that allows you to purchase crypto mining hash power. (Pre-sale)25/01/201813/02/2018
SimdaqA platform for cryptotrading democratization and development.25/01/201813/02/2018
FleetcoinA comprehensive cryptocurrency ecosystem.25/01/201813/02/2018
RemechainBuyer-Suppliers Ecosystem for the global turnover of secondary raw materials.25/01/201813/02/2018
SqirtA decentralized webcam portal for adults.25/01/201813/02/2018
Whitestone CoinWhen blockchain meets art.25/01/201813/02/2018
Experty SponsoredCrypto Uber for knowledge sharing.exy25/01/201825/02/2018
FundfantasyFundFantasy is the first provably-fair fantasy gaming platform for finance enthusiasts, powered by blockchain technology.fundz25/01/201825/02/2018
SmartgoldA unique token backed by mining and supplying of real gold.sgt25/01/201825/02/2018
Play2liveThe first blockchain-driven streaming platform for gamers and eSports fansluc25/01/201805/03/2018
SintecUnique Blockchain option granting the opportunity to invest in the production of high-tech industrial material.stec25/01/201807/04/2018
AworkerAworker is the first decentralized ecosystem of Reputation Building for Employees in the world.work26/01/201802/02/2018
HealthureumYour data, your doctor, your way.26/01/201814/02/2018
GohelpfundA blockchain platform for fast humanitarian fundraising.26/01/201814/02/2018
Blockhive IlpFundraising using loans designed to support the blockhive blockchain platform.26/01/201814/02/2018
Altair VrA VR platform for world discovery built on blockchain tech.avr29/01/201817/02/2018
NaviaddressThe new universal digital address platform powered by blockchainnvt29/01/201817/02/2018
BountieA gaming platform for matchmaking, leaderboards, and more.29/01/201817/02/2018
MosslandA location-based Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game.29/01/201817/02/2018
Trevi TokenA platform which helps people save money.29/01/201817/02/2018
The Acorn CollectiveA blockchain based crowdfunding platform.29/01/201817/02/2018
Hero.orgTokenize yourself and create your personal cryptocurrency.29/01/201817/02/2018
All Public ArtA commission-free platform for buying and selling art.29/01/201817/02/2018
BioritmaiA personalized medicine of the futurebrm30/01/201818/02/2018
Eticket4A secondary ticket marketplace based on blockchain tech.30/01/201818/02/2018
IqeonA decentralized gaming PvP platform.30/01/201818/02/2018
Windminer EcotokenEco-energy for mining from wind turbinesxps30/01/201827/02/2018
Repu PlatformREPU is a platform that allows its users (ordinary citizens, banks, businesses, recruiters, etc.) to use the rating and feedback system as an assessment tool for professional skills, financial stability, and unlimited abilities for all other needs.repu30/01/201831/03/2018
DaricoYour gateway to cryptocurrency investment.drc30/01/201830/07/2018
SapienThe Web 3.0 Social Network of the Future.31/01/201819/02/2018
PharmabitA platform which aims to change the medical industry.31/01/201819/02/2018
Flying MoneyA tokenized version of fiat currencies like USD, JPY, EUR, and GBP.31/01/201819/02/2018
Hint.toAI-commerce platform that can be integrated to digital or voice assistant like Google Home.31/01/201819/02/2018
SuccesslifeA marketplace for premium personal and business development content.31/01/201819/02/2018
Wys TokenA visual mobile shopping experience with a new token for e-commerce.31/01/201819/02/2018
Livetree AdeptOwn the future of entertainment.sed31/01/201823/02/2018
WyskerA visual mobile shopping experience with a new token for e-commercewys31/01/201828/02/2018
AdhiveAI and community powered platform for native video advertising.adh31/01/201807/03/2018
Winding TreeDecentralizing the Oligopolistic Travel Industrylif01/02/201814/02/2018
Legolas ExchangeFair and secure by designlgo01/02/201815/02/2018
EnvientaThe affordable and self-sustaining living space of the futureenv01/02/201815/02/2018
ThekeyTHEKEY is developing an Identity Verification solution on the NEO platform, and it will also be an indispensable element of the NEO Smart Economy.tky01/02/201828/02/2018
CreditsCREDITS Cryptocurrency and Blockchain platform for the financial industry with more than 1 mln tx/sec and 0.01 sec for a transaction.cs01/02/201828/02/2018
EllcrysBlockchain-based version control system for building open source software products and organizations.ell01/02/201801/03/2018
GiftcoinThe world's first cryptocurrency for charitable giving and good causesgift01/02/201801/03/2018
ShiversShivers is an ERC20 token which fuels an innovative platform for financing and distributing horror films.shvr01/02/201801/03/2018
VerimeVeriME is a decentralized Verification-as-a-Service (VaaS) ecosystem operating on Blockchain and Customer’s mobile application, using the most advanced biometric technologies and machine learning tools to identify and authenticate the Customer during purchase of goods and services.vme01/02/201815/03/2018
BrixbyBrixby is a marketplace that brings together people who want to rent, park, and charge their (electric) cars and asset owners of any size who are ready to offer those services, in one easy-to-use Brixby app.brick01/02/201831/03/2018
KickcityConnecting people through reward-based communities on blockchainkcy01/02/201801/04/2018
Quantum1netQuantum1Net plans to meet the threat to traditional cryptography that Quantum cryptoanalysis poses with quantum empowered encryption keys.q1s02/02/201809/03/2018
CeekVirtual Reality platform for streamed live events and productions.05/02/201824/01/2018
Vehicle Lifecycle BlockchainA carfix and vehicle lifecycle blockchain.05/02/201824/01/2018
TrustabitA blockchain platform for delayed flight insurance.05/02/201824/01/2018
Sharpe CapitalEarn Ether for your predictions on blockchain assets.05/02/201824/01/2018
Shift.cashShift your car title into cash.05/02/201824/01/2018
SkychainSkychain is an open infrastructure, based on blockchain, which provides the possibility to create, train and use high-quality medical neural networks.sch05/02/201828/02/2018
CurrentCurrent is an incentivized, blockchain-enabled streaming ecosystem.07/02/201826/01/2018
DetherBuy & sell crypto for cash. Spend it at physical stores.DTH07/02/201821/02/2018
MoxyoneWhite label debit card and payment infrastructure for all ICO projectsspend08/02/201827/01/2018
RealistaThe first global real estate platform.08/02/201827/01/2018
FarmatrustFarmaTrust uses the blockchain to allow easy monitoring of drug products from the point of manufacture to the point of consumption.ftc08/02/201808/03/2018
Trend TokenTrendit is a social media platform that pays you in cryptocurrency to make viral contents.tnd08/02/201815/03/2018
PotentiamPotentiam is an incentivised collaborative music social network.ptm09/02/201808/03/2018
Socialmedia.marketFirst Blockchain Based Influencer Marketing Platformsmt09/02/201816/03/2018

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