ICO Calendar

WARNING: your capital is at risk. This list ICOs (initial coin offerings). No prior checks have been made on any of these ICOs. ICOs are unregulated and thus investors/contributors do not have the same protection as when investing in a regulated investment in a democratic country. This is not an investment recommendation. Please make sure you have done the necessary Due diligence before investing.

Featured ICOs

Short NameDescriptionCurrency CodeStart DateEnd DateTeamWhitepaper   
SilberpfeilAMG tokens backed by energy drink cansAMG07/10/201730/11/2017
FlipzRevolution In E-Commerce First Decentralized E-Commerce PlatformFLP10/10/2017Aleksey Bobylev


AdsharesDecentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising.ADST07/07/201701/01/2018    
The MemessengerWorld's first messenger with memes instead of words.MET25/07/201725/04/2018
TremissisA new token relased in three levels finishing by a new digital currency.TMS01/08/201730/09/2018
AtlantInvest. Rent. Trade. World’s Real Estate Blockchain PlatformATL01/08/201731/10/2017Julian Svirsky
AuthoreonAuthorization, Authentication, Verification & Certification in a decentralized networkAUTH05/08/201712/10/2017Chris Heinze
IgnisThe first child chain of Ardor will be the Ignis child chain.ignis05/08/201714/10/2017
MakeitviralA video sharing platform with an integrated token systemMIV08/08/201715/11/2017
AirpornThe world’s first anonymous and decentralized adult entertainment video streaming platform powered by blockchain technology.XXX14/08/201714/11/2017
Bitcoin LotteryBOT coin is an open source, peer-to-peer, cryptocurrency specifically designed for the regulated online lottery Industry.BOTCOIN14/08/201708/10/2017
Umbrella CoinA decentralized insurance network built on Ethereum.UMC20/08/201720/10/2017
Lordmancer IiThe first open-world MMORPG on mobile where players can mine cryptocurrencyLC21/08/201729/12/2017Ilya Mikov
LatokenTokenize and trade real assets via cryptoLATOKEN22/08/201710/10/2017Valentin Preobrazhensky
Power LedgerPower Ledger is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading platform enabling consumers and businesses to share excess solar power with their neighbors. It is a commercially operating entity and is raising funds to accelerate the development of four platform applications.POWR23/08/201706/10/2017David Martin
Commodity & Holdings Exchange (chex)The CHEX is ready built modular marketplace software to power hard, soft and digital asset exchange platforms, starting in the Cannabis industry.CHX25/08/201724/10/2017
CartaxiThe “UBER” of car towing on Ethereum, becoming the 1st global towing aggregator.CTX30/08/201729/10/2017
SoferoxFee free system of trading / holding crypto.SFX01/09/201731/10/2017Aaron Mathis
DogezerPlatform that allows team members to be product investors by investing their time and labor.DGZ01/09/201715/02/2018Alexander Kozlov
E-vekselBusiness focused billing and factoring operation.EVR01/09/201721/12/2017
ViberateDecentralized music talent marketplace where any musician can sell gigs and get paid in cryptocurrencies. Viebrate Beta is live.VIB05/09/201704/10/2017
Finshi CapitalFinShi Capital is the first Blockchain venture fund founded by professional investors.FINS06/09/201706/10/2017Andrey Orlov
MatryxDecentralized collaboration platform for research & the deconstruction of information silos.MTX06/09/201715/11/2017Steve McCloskey
JustmakeDecentralized person-to-person, person-to-business, and business-to-business ecosystem.JM06/09/201704/10/2017
BeoneDecentralized online education platformB107/09/201707/10/2017
Tele2-teleportIt is an intercontinental backbone communication system and a virtual cellular operator based on TELE2 with calculations in tokens.TELE207/09/201707/10/2017
MaecenasThe decentralised Art Investment PlatformART07/09/201705/10/2017
LookrevLookRev - VR + Blockchain + Business, is the first blockchain-based marketplace for creative products.LOK08/09/201730am/10/2017
SynchrolifeDecentralized Restaurant Recommendation PlatformSYC08/09/201706/10/2017TOMOCHIKA KAMIYA
Ds PlusBlockchain-based mobile app for customers attraction & retention using it's own cryptocurrency 'PlusCoin'PLC10/09/201710/11/2017
BitflipFLIP – new token with support by new cryptocurrency exchange with up to 30% monthly price growth guaranteed based on the platform income.FLIP10/09/201710/10/2017Dmitrii Kuzmenkov
TokenstarsTokenizing celebrities for funding and promoting rising starsACE10/09/201731/10/2017Pavel Stukolov
Science BlockchainOne of America's most successful startup incubators.SCI11/09/201709/11/2017Mike Jones
Uledger, Inc.ULedger adds Blockchain-certification capabilities to your existing technology infrastructure. Become part of a consensus ecosystem for data certification and immutability.ULD11/09/201716/10/2017
Aether UnitedA crowdfunded and crowd-governed eSports team.AUN12/09/201713/10/2017
Rush CoinThe world’s first astrategic game fueled by cryptocurrency miningRC12/09/201712/10/2017
LoopinAd-free Decentralised Reward-based Social PlatformLIC12/09/201710/10/2017
BitjobbitJob is a decentralized marketplace on the Ethereum network that connects students and employers to achieve short-term job opportunities.STU12/09/201713/10/2017Dror Medalion
CindicatorHybrid Intelligence for Effective Asset ManagementCND12/09/201712/10/2017Artem Baranov
Datum NetworkDatum is a secure and decentralized personal data bank account powered by Ethereum, BigchainDB and IPFS.DAT12/09/201717/11/2017
Jesus CoinDecentralizing Jesus on the BlockchainJC12/09/201712/10/2017
AnryzeSpeech Recognition Platform with Distributed Computing NetworkRYZ12/09/201712/10/2017Anton Gera
DomraiderDecentralized Blockchain Auctions in Real-TimeDRT12/09/201711/10/2017Tristan Colombet
CobinhoodZero Trading Fee Cryptocurrency ExchangeCOB13/09/201722/10/2017
EvoWe will make the banks obsolete.EVO13/09/201713/10/2017
AmbrosusTrusted Food EcosystemAMB13/09/201722/10/2017
ElectroneumA blockchain based natural asset exchange with an accompanying Earth Token (ETN) cryptocurrency allowing stakeholders in the USD $120 trillion natural capital value chain to explore vast untapped market segments.ETN14/09/201731/10/2017Richard Ells
Rega REGA Risk Sharing is a crowdsurance platform that helps to cover risks of the community without insurance companies.RST15/09/201715/11/2017
CrowdcoinCrowdCoin is on a mission to create a standard for the crypto marketCRC15/09/201715/12/2017
BlocksaleAML / KYC compliant international presale buying portal.BOK15/09/201715/12/2017
HoryzonA decentralized platform for data gathering, location and non-location specific, perfect for R&D companies but also governmental & (non) profit companies.ZON15/09/201715/10/2017DRIES VERDONCKT
KexcoinBlockchain Enabled Student Property Project For AllKEX15/09/201714/10/2017Simon Lee
ParagoncoinParagon seeks to pull the cannabis community from marginalized to mainstream by building blockchain into every step of the cannabis industry and by working toward full legalization.PRG15/09/201716/10/2017
BitclaveBitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE) is a blockchain-based platform that enables direct customer-to-business interactions with no need for intermediaries.CAT15/09/201715/10/2017Alex Bessonov
FlipcoinBridging the gap between consumer and crypto.ATM15/09/201715/10/2017Daniel Polotsky
Graft NetworkGRAFT is a Decentralized Universal Payment Processing NetworkGRF15/09/201715/10/2017
Hedge TokenHedge Project team is focused on introducing Hedge Platform that will enable anyone access to professionally developed crypto indices and diversification of investments.HDG15/09/201715/10/2017Gasper Stih
HeroA pawn lending platform with traction since 2015 targeted towards the unbanked and underbanked in Southeast Asia.HERO15/09/201715/10/2017Paul Polterauer
Seratio PlatformSeratio Token (SER) is the first issue of a resilient Ethereum token in UK regulatory frameworkSER15/09/201730/10/2017Olinga Ta’eed
ChangeChange is the first global decentralised crypto bankCAG16/09/201716/10/2017
TripallyThe World's First Global Connectivity PlatformALLY17/09/201730/11/2017
Ab-chainAds in BlockChain - we drive traffic for companies with cryptocurrency budgetsABC18/09/201725/12/2017Vladimir Dyakov
LescoinLescoin it the first cryptocurrency secured by wood.LSC18/09/201718/10/2017
NoctaThe first worldwide platform for organizing sex leisure.NOCTA18/09/201730/10/2017
Winding TreeDecentralizing the oligopolistic travel industry.LIF18/09/201718/10/2017Maksim Izmaylov
WolkWolk is a decentralized data exchange powered by the Wolk token.WOLK18/09/201709/10/2017
BurstiqSolving the security and transparency issues with health dataBIQ19/09/201724/10/2017Frank Ricotta
AeronAeron - the new standard of aviation safety powered by blockchain.ARN19/09/201723/10/2017
PayperexThe world's first alternative share market based on blockchain technologyPAX19/09/201719/12/2017
SpherisSpheris is an open source decentralized application marketplace.SPRS19/09/201719/10/2017
AirtokenTokenizing Mobile Access for the underservedAIR19/09/201720/10/2017
MywillDecentralized platform for crypto funds management under various life circumstancesWIL20/09/201710/10/2017Vladimir Tikhomirov
TothemoonThe world's first provider of full cycle mining servicesTMT20/09/201731/10/2017Steven Moore
XronosXRONOS is the first aggregator of cryptocurrency and blockchain-technologies.XRONOS21/09/201721/10/2017
Ties.networkBusiness platform backed by smart-contractsTIE21/09/201712/10/2017Alexander Neymark
Arna PanaceaBlockchain Biotech Ecosystem inspired by 1st disruptive breast cancer test ARNA BCARNA-GEN21/09/201703/12/2017
WepowerWePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform. It enables to finance green energy projects, to invest into and trade green energy. Exact sales dates TBA.WPR22/09/201722/10/2017
Salt CoinThe world's first commodity cryptocurrency of the largest salt manufacturing in EuropeSCOIN24/09/201724/12/2017
EthlendETHLend is a decentralised P2P lending platform. Our goal is to democratize global lending markets.LEND25/09/201725/10/2017Stani Kulechov
Key' TokenTo fund the marketing and branding of the smart-contract based smart bank project.KEY25/09/201725/10/2017
MingocoinWorld's First CryptoCurrency Tutor With Multi-Platform MessengerMGC25/09/201714/10/2017
VisoPayment System that combines cryptocurrencies and traditional bank cardsVISO25/09/201725/10/2017Sergey Popov
Soma Community TokenA decentralized peer to peer marketplace with a social media layer.SCT26/09/201726/10/2017
AfterschoolSimplified booking management and after school activity marketplace powered by blockchain.AST26/09/201726/10/2017
WordcoinWord Expert is a decentralized platform for content writing, translation, SMM, SERM and ORM services.WORD27/09/201707/11/2017
Flyp.meThe most private exchange with 50% profit sharingFYP28/09/201721/10/2017
LangpieOnline-translation platform based on blockchainLGP28/09/201728/10/2017
NovacoolAn immersion cooling system for home PC (SCAM ALERT!!!)ICS28/09/201712/10/2017Andrey Semenov
Doc.aiConversational AI-powered platform for on-demand, quantified biology and medical analysis.NRN28/09/201711/10/2017
Customizable Basic IncomeEnabling the next generation of social welfare initiativesCBI29/09/201729/10/2017
Assistive RealitySeries of Augmented Reality apps with the single goal of providing effective Human AssistanceARX29/09/201720/10/2017Travis Roe
BiocoinAn international blockchain-based loyalty platform and an eco-cryptocurrency.BIO29/09/201709/11/2017
CoinloanLending platform that uses cryptocurrency as collateral.CLT29/09/201729/10/2017
ZloadrMedia publishing platform on the blockchain powered by influencersZDR30/09/201731/10/2017Sam Enrico Williams
FundcoinParticipate in the First Private Equity Token IcoFUND30/09/201730/10/2017
PonsumerA unified technological infrastructure for sellers and buyers.PONS01/10/201715/11/2017Andrew Snopov
Blockchain Board Of DerivativesBuilt on the Ethereum distributed ledger the Blockchain Board of Derivatives (BBOD) is designed to be an autonomous, on-chain derivatives execution venue, which facilitates the trading of cryptocurrency smart-derivatives-contracts (futures and options) with high liquidity and encryption.BBD01/10/201701/11/2017Piotr Arendarski
Loci CoinLoci is a distributed database for patent research, discovery, and licensing.LOCI01/10/201731/10/2017
AteriousA decentralized autonomous​ ​Private peer to peer world wide marketplace that implement a business to business platformATS01/10/201706/12/2017
BankeraA bank built on Ethereum (and possibly NEM) blockchain, which includes additional lending services.BNK01/10/201701/11/2017Vytautas Karalevičius
Goodwill ProtocolGoodwill Coins help you turn your causes, visions, and ideas into crowdsourced actionable goals, then into realityGOODWILL01/10/201701/10/2018
ClimatecoinThe CLIMATECOIN token is a new and unique cryptocurrency based in Ethereum that permits any citizen in the world to participate in the fight against climate change. It utilizes blockchain technology for that purpose while also giving back quarterly profits to its token holders.CO201/10/201701/11/2017-
Crypto Improvement FundThe CIF coin will offer all-in-one functionality as a business incentive, marketing tool as well as customer loyalty program.CIF01/10/201701/01/2018Scott Douglas
FaradBacked by real economic activity which is the production of ultracapacitorFRD01/10/201731/10/2017
Fupoof CoinThe coin with profits from the coin will be payout by dividend to the investorsFUPOOF01/10/201731/10/2017-
HometokenA tokenized real estate fund, based in Asia's emerging marketsHOME01/10/201731/10/2017Andrew Yap
MinervaSmart money on the Ethereum blockchain.OWL01/10/201719/11/2017Kevin Mcsheehan
RedpillEnables P2P currency transfers and under a reward tier systemRPIL01/10/201731/10/2017
SynapseSynapse is creating a decentralized data and machine learning marketplace and exchangeSYN01/10/201731/10/2017Dan Gailey
ValusBlockchain-based platform which will connect trademarks, retailers and customersVLS01/10/201731/10/2017Nik Klemenc
DigipulseAn inheritance service for digital assets.DGT01/10/201731/10/2017Normunds Kvilis
RheaCrypto-options trading platform with quarterly dividend incentiveRHT02/10/201730/10/2017Georgi Kirilov
Index CoinThe Digital Currency Index (DCI) was designed as an index of the top market cap cryptocurrencies that show long term sustainability.XIC02/10/201731/12/2017
DragonchainBlockchain-based secure, flexible, and business ready platformDRGN02/10/201702/11/2017Joe Roets
Give CoinThe Grant Hero Foundation is a decentralized non-profit organization that fosters direct personal giving.GIVE02/10/201730/10/2017
Share EstateCryptocurrency backed by real estate.SRE02/10/201704/11/2017
Skrilla TokenThe Skrilla Token (SKR) is an ERC20 token, that has a primary purpose is to act as the central unit of exchange for Skrilla esports wagering products.SKR02/10/201716/10/2017
Wish FinanceA robust cryptocurrency payment and lending platform.WSH02/10/201730/11/2017
B2bxB2BX is an aggregator of crypto-currency liquidity for margin and exchange trading and distribution of liquidity to broker companies.B2BX02/10/201717/11/2017
ClearpollSocial Public Opinion Poll Network on the BlockchainPOLL02/10/201726/10/2017
Dome PlatformAiming to create a blockchain based, mesh WiFi network.DME02/10/201702/11/2017Victor Houdin
Strim NetworkA decentralized network for P2P Live Video Streaming and IoT Location-based Sensor Mining.STR02/10/201702/11/2017
Crypto20 CRYPTO20 is the world’s first cryptocurrency-only tokenized index fund. The fund will autonomously invest and rebalance a diverse portfolio of the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.C2003/10/201730/11/2017
NotrafficReal-time mobile traffic application03/10/2017Stuart Berkowitz
DovuA transport protocol for mobility related decentralized apps.DOV03/10/201731/10/2017
SelfpayBridging the gap between traditional payments and cryptocurrencySXP03/10/201703/11/2017-
U.cashA Global P2P Financial Services Network03/10/201708/11/2017Ageesen Sri
VerifyunionA decentralised platform with a Social Scoring Engine that reduced Online Identity Fraud and Social HackingUCN03/10/201703/11/2017AJ Smith
VotesAn international platform for taking votes of any level.VOTES03/10/201703/11/2017
HydrominerAn environmentally friendly cryptocurrency mining company.H2O03/10/201707/11/2017Nadine Damblon
UpfiringIncentivized and decentralized P2P file-sharing on the Ethereum blockchainUFR03/10/201731/10/2017
BetriumWorldwide betting exchange and sports betting service offering cryptocurrencies support, lowest fees, open API for developers and the platform for event organizers.BTRM04/10/201707/12/2017
TokendeskA platform for direct participation in ICOs.TDS04/10/201724/12/2017
DatabrokerdaoMarketplace for sensor data using blockchain technology bringing together all different participants in one place: sensor owners, data processors, and network owners.DATA06/10/201726/10/2017
GalactikkaSocial network for creative people with a decentralised marketplace content creation, services and products.GALA09/10/201709/11/2017Anton Kotelnikov
Open LongevityOpen Longevity is a project that initiates, organizes and guarantees the openness of clinical trials of aging therapies.YEAR10/10/201709/11/2017
Game.comGame.com creating a new world!GTC10/10/201730/11/2017
QvoltaGlobal P2P cryptocurrency-fiat exchanged platform support EthereumQVT10/10/201710/11/2017
Srg Play & EarnInternational loyalty program in the world of online games.SRG10/10/201711/11/2017
DüberThe düber token (DBR) is intended to incentivize and improve information exchange in the cannabis community, including consumers, retailers, labs, processors and growers.DBR11/10/201701/12/2017
EroscoinPlatform that empowers & enhances the payment systems.ERO11/10/201715/11/2017
Triforce TokensTriForce is developing a decentralized community gaming platform and network built on Ethereum.TFT11/10/201716/10/2017Pete Mardell
ExxorA distributed ledger protocol for the Internet of ThingsEXX12/10/201730/12/2017
StoriqaStoriqa — a marketplace with a wide range of functions for effective sales in the world of a new digital economy.STQ12/10/201725/10/2017Ruslan Tugushev
PapyrusPapyrus is the world’s first fully comprehensive and highly scalable decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising.PRP12/10/201702/11/2017
EzmarketThe ezmarket is a marketplace base on blockchain technology.EZM14/10/201725/11/2017
BitpropertyFuture of REITBTP15/10/201715/11/2017
Genesis VisionGenesis Vision is the platform for the private trust management market, built on blockchain technology and smart contracts.GVT15/10/201715/11/2017
Globetrotter EcosystemThe only truly stable cryptocurrencyGTT15/10/201731/10/2017
PallyThe first decentralised social travel ecosystem, which enables its community of students and young professionals to access authentic travel experiences through two intuitive products.PAL15/10/201713/11/2017
PaypieWorld’s First Decentralized Accounting PlatformPPP15/10/201715/11/2017
Wireline Open-source developer fund, which will invest in people and projects working in the cloud computing industry.WRL16/10/201715/01/2018
Blockchain FinancialA sophisticated smart investment boutique built on Ethereum.16/10/2017
V-coins GlobalA blockchain that interacts with the real world.16/10/2017
Bitcoin Silver"Extending decentralized currency to the world."16/10/2017
SyncfabSupply chain management tool to procure, track & organize your local parts production.MFG16/10/201716/11/2017
Horizon StateBlockchain-based platform that enables efficient vote casting and decision making processesHST16/10/201730/10/2017Jamie Skella
EloplayEsports platform with decentalized prize pools. Created for players and brands.ELT16/10/201715/11/2017
SenseThe Protocol for Human Intelligence and Value for Human CapitalSENSE16/10/201710/10/2017
Smart BillionsAiming to create a multi-billion dollar blockchain lottery.16/10/2017
UptokenAiming to put a crypto ATM on every corner.16/10/2017
Videoblog.ioA platform for creating videoblogs for business and hobby.16/10/2017
Wha ProjectA complete blockchain based healthcare solution.16/10/2017
WitcoinWITCOIN rewards your know-how with the aim of accelerating the exchange of knowledge.WIT16/10/201706/11/2017
KevinA cryptocurrency banking platform and network.16/10/2017
RelexA cryptocurrency for crowdsourced real estate development.16/10/2017Kevin Vu Nguyen
SilkosA decentralized, encrypted marketplace for cryptocurrencies.17/10/2017
Lendingstar ExchangeA blockchain based invoice exchange.17/10/2017
World Of BattlesA decentralized eSports platform that connects with Twitch.17/10/2017
MedcreditsA decentralized platform for connecting doctors with patients.17/10/2017
Ripio Credit NetworkA global credit network based on consigned smart contractsRCN17/10/201705/11/2017
ZenomeZenome is a new economic environment based on genomic data and blockchain technology.ZNA17/10/201724/10/2017
CrowdwizDecentralized investments ecosystem, based on EthereumWIZ18/10/201718/10/2017
Micromoney1st Blockchain Credit Bureau and Microfinance lendingAMM18/10/201715/11/2017
MobiusAiming to connect every developer to the blockchain ecosystem.18/10/2017
OpportyOpporty: The first decentralized service marketplace with Blockchain-enabled EscrowOPP18/10/201708/11/2017
RetA decentralized, blockchain based real estate platform.18/10/2017
Miniapps.proArtificial intelligence (AI) & blockchain powered chatbot platform.18/10/2017
MiniappsAI & blockchain powered chatbot ecosystem for 300M+ SMEsMAT18/10/201719/12/2017
Armor CeramicsA blockchain-based manufacturing project for the heavy industry.19/10/2017
BlockvA protocol for creating smart digital objects on blockchains.19/10/2017
Hut34 ProjectPowering the global knowledge economyENT19/10/201716/11/2017
PrivatixInternet bandwidth marketplace powered by p2p VPN network.19/10/2017
ExhastaA blockchain platform for spearheading moonshot projects.19/10/2017
MfvA global single sign-on and data exchange.19/10/2017
BicoAiming to create the ultimate ICO guidebook.20/10/2017
AlttradexA new cryptocurrency trading platform.20/10/2017
Arbitrage Crypto TraderA desktop trading terminal for convenient arbitrage trading.20/10/2017
CoinsopenA privacy-oriented P2P cryptocurrency exchange.20/10/2017
CovestingA cryptocurrency platform for copying the trades of others.20/10/2017
LydianAn intelligent marketing platform for the blockchain community.20/10/2017
MedibondA blockchain based healthcare platform.20/10/2017
MultibotA multi-functional, multi-threaded trading platform in the cloud.20/10/2017
PindexA direct to consumer market network system.20/10/2017
QchainQchain is an upcoming decentralized marketing and advertising platform built on the Ethereum and NEM blockchains.EQC20/10/201720/11/2017
Legal / SmartoneLegal solutions for the crypto community.20/10/2017
Storm TokenA marketplace for gamified micro-tasks.20/10/2017
GizerThe world’s first universal gaming profile powered by blockchain technologyGZR20/10/201720/11/2017
SkrillaA licensed, fully regulated, global eSports wagering brand.20/10/2017
BitunicornA general platform for real-time end-to-end decentralized applications.20/10/2017
CryderThe first decentralized taxi platform for freelance drivers.CDT20/10/201703/11/2017
VeztA platform for fractional song monetization.20/10/2017
BlockbidAiming to build an ultra-secure, highly liquid crypto exchange.21/10/2017
OysterA decentralized storage ledger that generates revenue for websites.21/10/2017
Swarm FundThe world's first cooperative ownership platform that bridges digital currency and real assets.SWARM21/10/201727/10/2017Philipp Pieper
ZapThe Zap.Store is a marketplace for data feeds that can be made into oracles.ZAP21/10/201720/11/2017
Zap StoreDemocratizing data access through a data marketplace.21/10/2017
Cove IdentityEnd to End control of your digital identity and documents.SHEL21/10/201728/11/2017
Copy TraderAn Ethereum dApp that allows you to copy the crypto trades of others.22/10/2017
Smart ProgressA complex tool for tracking and achieving goals.22/10/2017
SaavcoinA cryptocurrency that powers a virtual world.22/10/2017
Earth TokenA decentralized Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform.23/10/2017
Lordmancer 2Mine cryptocurrency in a mobile MMORPG.23/10/2017
Mark.spaceThe self-described, "Next Generation Internet".23/10/2017
ProxyA hardware wallet with instant blockchain access.23/10/2017
QuritoA new platform for sharing knowledge.23/10/2017
BoosteroidA personal cloud computer available for everyone.23/10/2017
ChimaeraA blockchain based video gaming platform.CHI23/10/201706/11/2017
CoindriveShared eWallet to store, trade and invest virtual assets like ingame valuesCDR23/10/201706/11/2017
HoquA decentralized affiliate platform.23/10/2017
StreamspaceThe most progressive video streaming marketplace in the world.SSH23/10/201720/11/2017
SpankchainA blockchain based payment processing and live video streaming platform.24/10/2017
FlixxoA community based video distribution platform.24/10/2017
CybermilesEmpowering the decentralization of online marketplaces.24/10/2017
DeckswapPlatform for buying and selling card deck guides.24/10/2017
NuggetsTransform the way you buy, login and verify your identity online.24/10/2017
RipioA global peer-to-peer credit network based on co-signed smart contracts.24/10/2017
BonpayBlockchain powered crypto wallet and debit card service.24/10/2017
VacuumA next generation, decentralized gaming platform.24/10/2017
Debit CoinA blockchain based messenger with a variety of financial features.24/10/2017
MoneytreeA new social world being built on the Ethereum blockchain.24/10/2017
StockblockEmpowering photographers and media artists using blockchain technology.25/10/2017
BouleRemote voting technology built on Ethereum.25/10/2017
ZeusAiming to help solve the garbage utilization problem.25/10/2017
Artoken By CappasityDecentralized Ecosystem to Create, Exchange and Embed AR/VR/3D ContentARTOKEN25/10/201722/11/2017
CappasityDecentralized AR/VR ecosystem for 3D content exchange powered by ARToken.25/10/2017
WalaA mobile financial platform built on social finance.25/10/2017
IcoicoAn automated platform for launching ICOs.25/10/2017
MywishDecentralized crypto funds management under various life circumstances.25/10/2017
PublicaA blockchain platform for long-form publishing. READ tokens are "bearer assets" (property) and decrypt ebooks, RIGHT tokens manage derivative rights.PBL25/10/201715/11/2017
Sinergia BlockchainA technological institute for research and development.25/10/2017
Synthium Health TgeSupply chain platform for the healthcare industry.SHP25/10/201722/11/2017
Cash Poker ProModern poker room built on the blockchain.CASH26/10/201718/11/2017
KickcityConnecting people through reward-based communities on blockchainKICK26/10/201726/11/2017
KriptA decentralized mobile app to invest in crypto assets.26/10/2017
CloutA blockchain-based crypto social media platform.27/10/2017
PeerguessA free cryptocurrency price ticker aiming to predict price trends.GUESS28/10/201724/11/2017
SmartlandsSmartlands platform is designed to create a new class of low-risk future-proof tokens, secured by real, profitable assets in agriculture and establish an appropriate infrastructure for ICOs of such tokens that protects investors from major part of risksSLT28/10/201712/11/2017Taras Basistyk-Gaptar
UniversaA new blockchain aiming to be faster, smarter, and fully customizable.28/10/2017
GatcoinThe most comprehensive shopping platform on the blockchain.28/10/2017
Global JobcoinA successful Swiss company with more than 5,000 clients worldwide.GJC28/10/201706/12/2017
Loyakk VegaA decentralized enterprise relationship platform.29/10/2017
DatumDatum is a decentralized and distributed high performance NOSQL database29/10/2017Roger Haenni
StockbetEnabling the World to Play the Stock Market and CryptocurrenciesXSB29/10/201731/12/2017
ArbiAn escrow service for ICOs.30/10/2017
CarbloxA decentralized vehicle registry that utilizes blockchain technology, cryptography and IoT.30/10/2017
Enjin CoinSmart Cryptocurrency for GamingENJ30/10/201729/11/2017
Grid+Distributed electricity provider and market built on Ethereum.30/10/2017
CoppayA multi-cryptocurrency payment platform.30/10/2017
ExsulcoinUsing blockchain technology to help refugees.30/10/2017
Authentic IdAn automated real world identity and trust verification platform.31/10/2017
BeeqbAn all-in-one ecosystem for business.31/10/2017Sergey Glukhota
ZempaA P2P pool for cryptocurrency exchange.31/10/2017
CrypteriumAiming to be the leading cryptobank.CRYPT31/10/201714/01/2018
GutsA protocol for a truly transparent ticketing market.31/10/2017
HackenDedicated cryptocurrency white hat hackers.31/10/2017
HagglinHagglin is the first P2P market and logistics platform backed by blockchain.RIBBITS31/10/201730/11/2017
SnovioSnovio – The World’s First Decentralized Lead Generation ServiceSNOV31/10/201730/11/2017
LucydAn augmented reality (AR) display that looks like regular glasses.LCD31/10/201730/11/2017
1st Exchange AggregatorThe first smart platform exchange.31/10/2017
StexSmart Token ExchangeSTE31/10/201730/11/2017
Health NexusA blockchain based healthcare platform.31/10/2017
Midnight Greenwich TradingAiming to build a smart crypto trading community.1201/11/201712/12/2017
Crowdstart CapitalA blockchain technology accelerator for blockchain-related projects.01/11/2017
DarfchainDARFchain (stands for "Distributed Accounting, Resources and Financials") is an open-source Ethereum & Waves blockchain based ERP solution.DARF01/11/201712/12/2017
Esports.comAiming to be the largest eSports portal in the world.01/11/2017
HashtivA social media platform that allows you to control your content.01/11/2017
InclusivityAn inclusive business blockchain platform.01/11/2017
LegalcoinA self-described, "Legal Cryptocurrency".01/11/2017
SorbaseAn optimized cryptocurrency order execution system.01/11/2017
WaxA decentralized platform for operating fully functioning virtual asset marketplaces.01/11/2017
The Praetorian GroupA sound money cryptocurrency ecosystem backed by NY Real Estate.01/11/2017
ProofDecentralized certainty for investments & anonymous participant accountability.01/11/2017
XprojectBlockchain based IoT device authentication.01/11/2017
Teu TokensTEU Tokens are the Bitcoin for the Container Shipping industry.TEU01/11/201730/11/2017
AbjcoinA decentralized currency solution for Nigeria.01/11/2017
Academy CoinA new blockchain for online education payments.01/11/2017
Blockchain Programmatic CorporationA blockchain-based programmatic advertising platform.CPM01/11/201701/12/2017
Debitum NetworkAccessible business borrowing and investments in loans facilitated by a distributed network.DBM01/11/201731/12/2017
Drone Show CoinFinancing the creation of the world's first entertainment drone.01/11/2017
Elpis InvestmentsAn artificial intelligence (AI) crypto-assets investment fund.01/11/2017
GladiusDecentralized DDoS protection platform and Content Delivery Network (CDN).01/11/2017
CrowdholdingCrowdholding is a decentralized open innovation platform that connects entrepreneurs and supporters.YUP01/11/201701/12/2017
JincorGenuinely simple smart contracts and cryptocurrency transactions for any business.JCR01/11/201701/11/2017
JavvyAiming to replace all traditional crypto exchanges and wallets.01/11/2017
PayfairDecentralized escrow platform built on Ethereum.01/11/2017Denis Salangin
PlaykeyA decentralized cloud gaming network.01/11/2017
Robomed NetworkRobomed Network is a blockchain network designed to provide the most effective medical care.RBM01/11/201730/11/2017
RockchainRockchain is building a data processing infrastructure for the Ethereum BlockchainROK01/11/201701/12/2017
Rocket IcoDecentralized accelerator based on the DAO concept01/11/2017Gabil Tagiev
VentureonA token, created by Hypercube Ventures for financing startups.01/11/2017
ViulyThe world’s first decentralized video sharing platformVIU01/11/201715/11/2017
Algo.landThe autonomous algorithmic trading blockchain poolPLM01/11/201710/12/2017
Algo LandThe autonomous algorithmic trading blockchain pool.01/11/2017
DistrictsA 3D virtual reality platform with its own blockchain.01/11/2017
GraceAn Ethereum-based donation platform.01/11/2017
Indigo Racing OrganizationIndigo Racing is Israeli startup to start second in the world electric car racing championship.INDIGO01/11/201701/12/2017
PeerityA social connection and activity platform.01/11/2017Jan Schets
Proof TokenDecentralized Certainty for Investments and Anonymous Participant AccountabilityPRFT01/11/201701/12/2017
Adherence TokenIncentivizes positive patient behavior in healthcare utilizing our existing programsACH01/11/201714/11/2017
Scriptdrop’s Adherence TokenAiming to improve healthcare.01/11/2017
Security Plus CloudA comprehensive cyber security services provider.01/11/2017
Wys TokenBlockchain-powered mobile shopping.01/11/2017
XredXRED - The first cryptocurrency fund for real estate development and investmentXRED01/11/201715/12/2017
ScriptdropA token to incentivize patient medication adherence, through interactions with our app. The patient can then use their tokens to pay their co-pay.AHC01/11/201714/11/2017
ConfidealA smart contract management service.02/11/2017
PaycentBridging the gap between Fiat & CryptocurrencyPYN02/11/201730/11/2017
UtrustUTRUST is a ground-breaking payment platform that empowers buyers to pay with their favorite cryptocurrencies while providing the best consumer protection in the market.UTK02/11/201708/11/2017
DmarketThe first decentralized marketplace where you can trade all your in-game items globally.DMarket Token03/11/201717/11/2017
ProsenseliveA global decentralized platform for VR content distribution.03/11/2017
AppcoinsThe self-described, "Protocol for the App Economy".06/11/2017
CashaaPowering financial products for the banked and unbanked.06/11/2017
InspeerA peer-to-peer lending service that works with cryptocurrency and fiat.06/11/2017
QashProviding Liquidity to the Non-Liquid Crypto EconomyQASH06/11/201705/12/2017
Sharpe CapitalEarn Ether rewards for your opinion about the stock market.06/11/2017Lewis M. Barber
TopiacoinBuilding a secure, decentralized file sharing infrastructure.06/11/2017
BlockstarterA platform for launching ICO campaignsZBC07/11/201707/12/2017
ReorderCryptocurrency payment infrastructure for retail stores.07/11/2017
NitroNITRO is a blockchain-powered platform to democratise the utility of video-games economyNOX07/11/201721/11/2017
Injii Access CoinA platform for connecting creators with charities.07/11/2017
SpinA blockchain platform for preventing data leaks and loss.07/11/2017
LeverjDecentralized platform for cryptocurrency derivatives trading07/11/2017Bharath Rao
Wabi"Mine WaBi, help solve the global counterfeit problem."07/11/2017
FansuniteFansUnite is revolutionizing the sports betting industry by harnessing the power of blockchain technology to provide cheaper, more secure, verifiable and transparent betting.FAN08/11/201707/12/2017
Fans UniteA sports betting platform built on Ethereum.08/11/2017
IndahashAn influencer marketing platform connecting influencers with brands.08/11/2017
JboxcoinA blockchain based, decentralized video streaming platform.08/11/2017
Money RebelFiat & crypto financial worlds in your pocket! Receive, transfer, grow and manage your moneyMRP08/11/201728/11/2017
PodoneA decentralized contact center network for businesses.08/11/2017
The Divi ProjectNew solution to crypto's biggest challenge: mass adoption.08/11/2017
FintruxA decentralized platform for loans, mortgages and leases.08/11/2017
TokenzaA tokenized crowdfunding and freelancing platform.08/11/2017
FiinuAiming to create a blockchain-friendly British bank.09/11/2017
RemechainBuyer-Suppliers Ecosystem for the global turnover of secondary raw materials.09/11/2017
Ventured Network A network with a smart contract layer that enables people to hire talent and raise money for their personal ventures.VCN10/11/201731/10/2017
StubbaA truly "commission-free" event ticketing platform.10/11/2017
MonaizeBanking meets blockchain technology.10/11/2017
BeesocialsAn events platform leveraging blockchain technology.11/11/2017
Earth DollarA sovereign, smart asset-backed, eco-friendly cryptocurrency.11/11/2017
CryptocopyA cryptocurrency platform for copying the trades of others.11/11/2017
CanyaThe world's P2P services marketCAN12/11/201726/11/2017
Arena SpaceThe virtual amusement parks chain based on new technologies of virtual, augmented reality and other immersive digital technologiesARenaCoin13/11/201724/12/2017
Esl CoinA tutoring platform to learn English as a second language.13/11/2017
Hashchain TechnologyA blockchain tech company that focuses on mining, investing, software and research.13/11/2017
ProtexA decentralized platform for the secure exchange of data.13/11/2017
RefereumRefereum cuts out the marketing middleman by directly rewarding influencers and gamers to promote and play video games.RFR13/11/201713/12/2017
Gaze CoinGaze Coin is the first immersive advertising platform for monetising VRGZE13/11/201727/11/2017
AmmbrTokenizing internet connectivity with a wireless mesh network.14/11/2017
AuctusSmart Contract Powered Pension FundsAUCTUS14/11/201730/11/2017
GonetworkA decentralized virtual goods commerce platform.14/11/2017
SportyfiDecentralized sports investment & funding ecosystem.14/11/2017
TokenboxAn ecosystem for cryptocurrency investors, traders, and funds.14/11/2017
TrippkiA blockchain based hotel booking and rewards platform.14/11/2017
RootprojectThe World's First Effectively Tax-Subsidized Cryptocurrency14/11/2017Chris Place
RhovitA blockchain based ecosystem for monetizing digital content.15/11/2017
Telex AiA cryptocurrency wallet and exchange chatbot built into Telegram.15/11/2017
CryptonetixBlockchain funding, portfolio, resources and analytics platform.15/11/2017
AigangBlockchain protocol for digital insurance.15/11/2017
AphelionA decentralized P2P trading platform.15/11/2017
Freedom StreamingA safe, secure, and anonymous live streaming platform.15/11/2017
Prime-ex PerpetualPanama-Based Real Estate ICO bringing 80% company profits to their PEX-Token holders perpetually!PEX-Token15/11/201711/11/2017Ulrich Schwark
TbisAn infrastructure company with a CaaS and IaaS model.15/11/2017
RemmeDistributed authentication for businesses, users and devices.15/11/2017
Charg CoinA blockchain-based electric vehicle charging network.16/11/2017
Live EduA blockchain based, fully decentralized online learning platform.16/11/2017
AlloycoinA cryptocurrency with a price floor.17/11/2017
Genaro Support ProgramA public chain + decentralized storage network for blockchain apps.17/11/2017
SpectreSPECTRE (short for Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange) is the world’s first brokerless, financial trading platform with an embedded, decentralised liquidity pool.SPEC17/11/201710/12/2017
HolycoinA cryptocurrency dedicated to humanitarian actions built on Amazon.17/11/2017
ActA global exchange for buying and selling a wide variety of services, beginning with a focus on the consulting and technology services market.ACT18/11/201718/01/2018
DemeterAiming to reinvent agriculture using blockchain technology.18/11/2017
Dimensions NetworkA self-described, "next generation cryptocurrency trading platform."18/11/2017
MirocanaMirocana is a self-reinforcing Artificial Intelligence based on deep-learning neural nets and other modern machine learning models that analyse huge volumes of data to predict financial markets.MIRO19/11/201719/12/2017
MaxitubeA robotic transportation system for delivering groceries.20/11/2017
Sales TokenSales process automation with Smart Contracts on BlockchainSALES20/11/201719/12/2017
BmcoinAn application for storing and transmitting value.20/11/2017
FundrequestA Decentralised Platform for rewarding open source contributions using Smart Contracts.FND20/11/201701/12/2017
NousA platform that provides escrow, technical and legal framework for decentralized managed investment funds based on blockchain technology.NOUS20/11/201725/12/2017
PropsA decentralized ecosystem of video applications.20/11/2017
SisaA decentralized, democratized and revolutionary pool fund.20/11/2017
Dream TeamAn eSports and gaming recruitment and management platform.20/11/2017
DropdeckA decentralized platform optimized for financing startups & SMEs.21/11/2017
SwissborgA project with the objective to create a community owned Swiss CyberBank.CHSB21/11/201719/12/2017
FundariaA service to turn ideas into businesses and support them.22/11/2017
MavinA reward-based influencer marketing system built on blockchain tech.22/11/2017
Insights NetworkA decentralized market research platform.23/11/2017
DreamteamThe first Esports and gaming recruitment and management platform that uses blockchain & smart contracts to unlock a multi-billion dollar economy based on Dreamteam tokenDTT24/11/201724/11/2017
PangeaPangea Arbitration Tokens power the Pangea JurisdictionPAT24/11/201724/12/2017
AlloyConnect, Consolidate & Redeem Points from different sources for Real-world merchandise.ALLOY25/11/201725/12/2017
AnkorusA global exchange for trading securities.25/11/2017
Ins EcosystemDecentralized ecosystem directly connecting grocery manufacturers and consumers.27/11/2017
Jibrel NetworkJibrel provides traditional financial assets, as ERC-20 tokens, on the Ethereum blockchainJNT27/11/201726/01/2018
Hamster MarketplaceHamster Marketplace is a non-profit decentralised trading platform, aimed at the sale of niche electronics and unique gadgets from novice and local producers without involving middlemen.HMT28/11/201726/12/2017
Algo TokenA hedge fund token for stock market investments.28/11/2017
ModultradeDemocratizing global trade with blockchain technology.28/11/2017
Spice Venture CapitalA liquid Venture Capital (VC) investment fund.28/11/2017
Bounty0xA bounty platform with a staking-based review system for submissions.01/12/2017
MytimeA decentralized platform that allows users to monetize their time.01/12/2017
RosecoinA decentralized, real time dating platform.01/12/2017
TruedonateA decentralized platform for fundraising.TDN01/12/201715/01/2018
BcdiplomaA platform for certified data issuance like diplomas, professional certifications, etc.01/12/2017
OradaA building portal for buyers and sellers in Sochi.01/12/2017
MyfoodcoinA global network of connected POS systems which accepts cryptocurrency.04/12/2017
VvtokensMaking electronic financial services more accessible and affordable.05/12/2017
Artex GlobalA platform for recording the provenance of works of art.05/12/2017
SpectivA decentralized virtual reality streaming platform.SIGS08/12/201729/12/2017
LoyalcoinA blockchain based loyalty and rewards platform.11/12/2017
CrypticsP2P crypto analytics based on artificial intelligence.CRP15/12/201729/12/2017
Kdbox / KdxAfrican virtual bank and cryptocurrency built on Ethereum.20/12/2017
RigoblockDecentralized hedge fund platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Users can create their own decentralized hedge fund, manage investors, trade on decentralized exchanges.GRG01/01/201815/01/2018
Napoleon XDecentralized quantitative hedge fund offering a profit-sharing token.NPX17/11/2017

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