ICO Calendar

WARNING: your capital is at risk. This list ICOs (initial coin offerings). No prior checks have been made on any of these ICOs. ICOs are unregulated and thus investors/contributors do not have the same protection as when investing in a regulated investment in a democratic country. This is not an investment recommendation. Please make sure you have done the necessary Due diligence before investing.

Featured ICOs

Short NameDescriptionCurrency CodeStart DateEnd DateTeamWhitepaper   
SilberpfeilAMG tokens backed by energy drink cansAMG07/10/201730/11/2017
FlipzRevolution In E-Commerce First Decentralized E-Commerce PlatformFLP10/10/2017Aleksey Bobylev
DAO PlayMarket 2.0Decentralized Android App Store that accepts payments in cryptocurrencyPMT08/11/2017 Kvan Kirill
AML tokenAML CryptocurrencyAML06/10/2017Alexey Ivanenko
CaviarCrypto and real estate in one tokenCAV28/11/201731/12/2018Kirill Bensonoff, Alex Shvayetsky, Guy Neumann,


ICODescription StartEnd         
DogezerPlatform that allows team members to be product investors by investing their time and labor.DGZ15/01/201715/02/2018Alexander Kozlov
Rate DateA dating site with online video date auctions.RDT15/01/201728/03/2018
RightmeshRightMesh is a distributed network that incentivizes people to share mobile device resources, such as Internet, data, and storage, with those who lack access, thereby increasing global connectivity and facilitating international communication and commerce.MESH13/02/201727/02/2018
AdsharesDecentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising.ADST07/07/201701/01/2018
The MemessengerWorld's first messenger with memes instead of words.MET25/07/201725/04/2018
TremissisA new token relased in three levels finishing by a new digital currency.TMS01/08/201730/09/2018
LookrevLookRev - VR + Blockchain + Business, is the first blockchain-based marketplace for creative products.LOK08/09/201730/09/2018
Datum NetworkDatum is a secure and decentralized personal data bank account powered by Ethereum, BigchainDB and IPFS.DAT12/09/201729/11/2017
BlocksaleAML / KYC compliant international presale buying portal.BOK15/09/201715/12/2017
CrowdcoinCrowdCoin is on a mission to create a standard for the crypto marketCRC15/09/201715/12/2017
TripallyA platform with services for international travelers.ALLY17/09/201730/11/2017
Ab-chainAds in BlockChain - we drive traffic for companies with cryptocurrency budgetsABC18/09/201725/12/2017Vladimir Dyakov
PayperexThe world's first alternative share market based on blockchain technologyPAX19/09/201719/12/2017
Arna PanaceaBlockchain Biotech Ecosystem inspired by 1st disruptive breast cancer test ARNA BCARNA-GEN21/09/201703/12/2017
Salt CoinThe world's first commodity cryptocurrency of the largest salt manufacturing in EuropeSCOIN24/09/201724/12/2017
SynapseSynapse is creating a decentralized data and machine learning marketplace and exchangeSYN01/10/201721/11/2017Dan Gailey
AteriousA decentralized autonomous​ ​Private peer to peer world wide marketplace that implement a business to business platformATS01/10/201706/12/2017
Loci CoinLoci is a distributed database for patent research, discovery, and licensing.LOCI01/10/201731/12/2017
Crypto Improvement FundThe CIF coin will offer all-in-one functionality as a business incentive, marketing tool as well as customer loyalty program.CIF01/10/201701/01/2018Scott Douglas
Goodwill ProtocolGoodwill Coins help you turn your causes, visions, and ideas into crowdsourced actionable goals, then into realityGOODWILL01/10/201701/10/2018
Skrilla TokenThe Skrilla Token (SKR) is an ERC20 token, that has a primary purpose is to act as the central unit of exchange for Skrilla esports wagering products.SKR02/10/201720/11/2017
Wish FinanceA robust cryptocurrency payment and lending platform.WSH02/10/201730/11/2017
Index CoinThe Digital Currency Index (DCI) was designed as an index of the top market cap cryptocurrencies that show long term sustainability.XIC02/10/201731/12/2017
Crypto20 CRYPTO20 is the world’s first cryptocurrency-only tokenized index fund. The fund will autonomously invest and rebalance a diverse portfolio of the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.C2003/10/201730/11/2017
NotrafficReal-time mobile traffic application03/10/2017Stuart Berkowitz
BetriumWorldwide betting exchange and sports betting service offering cryptocurrencies support, lowest fees, open API for developers and the platform for event organizers.BTRM04/10/201707/12/2017
TokendeskA platform for direct participation in ICOs.TDS04/10/201724/12/2017
KredxThe World's first Multi-Blockchain dAppKRT04/10/201704/01/2018
Crazy ShapesA video gaming universe with a unique history.CZC05/10/201703/01/2018
CrazycoinNew adventure mobile gameCZC05/10/201703/01/2018
FiinuAiming to create a blockchain-friendly British bank.FNU09/10/201710/12/2017
Game.comCreating basic services for the global gaming industry.GTC10/10/201730/11/2017
AcquaintMulti currency wallet harnessing the potenency of geolocation along with blockchain technology in trading real world assets.QAT10/10/201731/12/2017
AfterschoolSimplified booking management and after school activity marketplace powered by blockchain.AST10/10/201701/01/2018
DüberThe düber token (DBR) is intended to incentivize and improve information exchange in the cannabis community, including consumers, retailers, labs, processors and growers.DBR11/10/201701/12/2017
NeurobotNeuroBot is a neural network algorithm for forecasting exchange rates of cryptocurrenciesNEB11/10/201731/12/2017
ExxorA distributed ledger protocol for the Internet of ThingsEXX12/10/201730/12/2017
GameflipDecentralized ecosystem where digital goods on all gaming platforms can be sold as liquid assetsFLP13/10/201730/12/2017
EzmarketThe ezmarket is a marketplace base on blockchain technology.EZM14/10/201725/11/2017
Bank Of MemoriesNow you can easily save and send your emotions and crypto-money to your family and relatives.BMC14/10/201703/01/2018
PorncoinAnonymous Cryptocurreny PaymentPRNC15/10/201731/12/2017
RilcoinRilcoin is a part of an Asset Management System (AMS).RIL15/10/201712/01/2018
TriveTrive kills fake news with crowds and crypto.TRV16/10/201730/11/2017
Smart BillionsAiming to create a multi-billion dollar blockchain lottery.16/10/2017
Kevin.kevin. is an innovative online banking service, that allows to easily link and manage different crypto accounts and bank accountsKVT17/10/201722/12/2017
World Of BattlesA decentralized eSports platform that connects with Twitch.17/10/2017
MiniappsKR8OS brings transparency to the world of ad attribution through the decentralized, peer-to-peer power of the blockchain.MAT18/10/201719/12/2017
RetA decentralized, blockchain based real estate platform.18/10/2017
ColoricoColorico is the first collective effort to add value to a digital collectible token.RGB19/10/201701/01/2018
BlockvA protocol for creating smart digital objects on blockchains.19/10/2017
ExhastaA blockchain platform for spearheading moonshot projects.19/10/2017
CointedBuilding a bridge between the crypto world and the real world.CTD20/10/201720/11/2017
DivmDivM Group is an investment company with high returns on invested capitalDIVM20/10/201720/11/2017
GizerThe world’s first universal gaming profile powered by blockchain technologyGZR20/10/201720/11/2017
QchainQchain is an upcoming decentralized marketing and advertising platform built on the Ethereum and NEM blockchains.EQC20/10/201720/11/2017
EscrocoEscroco Insurance and Escrow for InvestorsESC20/10/201730/11/2017
Arbitrage Crypto TraderACT is a DAO addressing social accountability by aggregating micro payments from citizens to fund grass roots proposals that drive change.ACT20/10/201725/12/2017
PindexPindify, the popular arts and media platform is undergoing rapid growth as it attracts thousands of musicians and artists to its market place.PDI20/10/201720/01/2018
ZapThe Zap.Store is a marketplace for data feeds that can be made into oracles.ZAP21/10/201720/11/2017
VapecoinICO for profitable innovative productionVPC23/10/201730/12/2017
SineSine is a blockchain-powered music streaming service.SINE23/10/201731/12/2017
DeckswapPlatform for buying and selling card deck guides.DEK24/10/201724/11/2017
FlixxoFlixxo create a decentralized video distribution networkFlixx24/10/201724/11/2017
CybermilesEmpowering the decentralization of the online marketplaceCMT24/10/201725/11/2017
NuggetsTransform the way you buy, login and verify your identity online.NUG24/10/201713/12/2017
Artoken By CappasityDecentralized Ecosystem to Create, Exchange and Embed AR/VR/3D ContentARTOKEN25/10/201722/11/2017
SinergiaFirst blockchain technology lab in Latin AmericaSNG25/10/201729/11/2017
LendingstarLendingStar Exchange (LSX) the world’s first invoice exchange built on the blockchainLST25/10/201709/12/2017
Asspace TokenDecentralized social network with an opportunity for monetizing all social activitiesASP25/10/201701/01/2018
PeerguessA free cryptocurrency price ticker aiming to predict price trends.GUESS28/10/201724/11/2017
Universa Blockchain ProtocolUniversa Platform is a new generation of blockchain technologyUTN28/10/201730/11/2017
Global JobcoinA successful Swiss company with more than 5,000 clients worldwide.GJC28/10/201706/12/2017
MoiraiA decentralized, blockchain based prediction market.MOI28/10/201730/12/2017
StockbetA Blockchain based Staking and Masternode coin to facilitate a decentralized, anonymous and autonomous sportsbook.XSB29/10/201731/12/2017
LiveeduLiveEdu.TV - the next-gen decentralized online learning.EDU30/10/201720/11/2017
Stk TokenThe STK token will enable real time point of sale (POS) transactions directly from users’ private cryptocurrency walletsSTK30/10/201724/11/2017
Enjin CoinA smart cryptocurrency for gaming.ENJ30/10/201729/11/2017
Pundi XAny store can buy sell and accept cryptocurrencyPXS30/10/201729/11/2017
Global Crypto BankBank of the future combining convenience of plastic cards and independence of blockchain for 2 billion transactions.BANK30/10/201716/12/2017
BonpayWallet and debit card service for variety of cryptocurrenciesBON31/10/201728/11/2017
HackenDedicated Cryptocurrency For White Hat HackersHKN31/10/201730/11/2017
LucydAn augmented reality (AR) display that looks like regular glasses.LCD31/10/201730/11/2017
SnovioSnovio – The World’s First Decentralized Lead Generation ServiceSNOV31/10/201730/11/2017
StexSmart Token ExchangeSTE31/10/201730/11/2017
MuncheeThe world's first decentralized blockchain-based food review incentivized platform.MUN31/10/201715/12/2017
CrypteriumAiming to be the leading cryptobank.CRYPT31/10/201714/01/2018
1st Exchange AggregatorThe first smart platform exchange.31/10/2017
Authentic IdAn automated real world identity and trust verification platform.31/10/2017
BeeqbAn all-in-one ecosystem for business.31/10/2017Sergey Glukhota
BrickblockTokens backed by real world assets such as stocks.31/10/2017
GutsA protocol for a truly transparent ticketing market.31/10/2017
SpankchainA blockchain based payment processing and live video streaming platform.31/10/2017
Esports.comAiming to be the largest eSports portal in the world.ERT01/11/201730/11/2017
Project DistrictsA 3D virtual reality platform with its own blockchain.3DC01/11/201730/11/2017
Teu TokensTEU Tokens are the Bitcoin for the Container Shipping industry.TEU01/11/201730/11/2017
TombetThe worlds best cryptocurrency based, decentralized sports betting platform.Tom01/11/201730/11/2017
Blockchain Programmatic CorporationA blockchain-based programmatic advertising platform.CPM01/11/201701/12/2017
CrowdholdingCrowdholding is a decentralized open innovation platform that connects entrepreneurs and supporters.YUP01/11/201701/12/2017
Indigo Racing OrganizationIndigo Racing is Israeli startup to start second in the world electric car racing championship.INDIGO01/11/201701/12/2017
Proof TokenDecentralized Certainty for Investments and Anonymous Participant AccountabilityPRFT01/11/201701/12/2017
PublicaA blockchain platform for long-form publishing. READ tokens are "bearer assets" (property) and decrypt ebooks, RIGHT tokens manage derivative rights.PBL01/11/201701/12/2017
RockchainRockchain is building a data processing infrastructure for the Ethereum BlockchainROK01/11/201701/12/2017
Algo.landThe autonomous algorithmic trading blockchain poolPLM01/11/201710/12/2017
DarfchainDARFchain (stands for "Distributed Accounting, Resources and Financials") is an open-source Ethereum & Waves blockchain based ERP solution.DARF01/11/201712/12/2017
Midnight Greenwich TradingAiming to build a smart crypto trading community.1201/11/201712/12/2017
Robomed NetworkRobomed Network is a blockchain network designed to provide the most effective medical care.RBM01/11/201715/12/2017
XredXRED - The first cryptocurrency fund for real estate development and investmentXRED01/11/201715/12/2017
NauNAU is a platform that directly connects retailers with customers.NAU01/11/201717/12/2017
Debitum NetworkAccessible business borrowing and investments in loans facilitated by a distributed network.DEB01/11/201730/12/2017
Crowdstart CapitalA blockchain technology accelerator for blockchain-related projects.XSC01/11/201728/02/2018
BitsyncBuilding a secure and sophisticated blockchain based cryptocurrency exchange.01/11/2017
BlockstackA new internet for decentralized apps.01/11/2017
BremA platform for real estate transactions.01/11/2017
Cryptosoft Crowdsale50Making cryptocurrency mining more accessible.01/11/2017
Cys MiningA Bitcoin mining company seeking funding.01/11/2017
Delphi SystemsAn oracle marketplace and ecosystem built on Ethereum.01/11/2017
DistrictsA 3D virtual reality platform with its own blockchain.01/11/2017
Drone Show CoinFinancing the creation of the world's first entertainment drone.01/11/2017
Elpis InvestmentsAn artificial intelligence (AI) crypto-assets investment fund.01/11/2017
Extreme SportsbookA trustless and anonymous sportsbook with masternodes.01/11/2017
Further NetworkA blockchain based travel management platform.01/11/2017
GladiusDecentralized DDoS protection platform and Content Delivery Network (CDN).01/11/2017
GraceAn Ethereum-based donation platform.01/11/2017
HashtivA social media platform that allows you to control your content.01/11/2017
InclusivityAn inclusive business blockchain platform.01/11/2017
LegalcoinA self-described, "Legal Cryptocurrency".01/11/2017
PayfairDecentralized escrow platform built on Ethereum.01/11/2017Denis Salangin
PeerityA social connection and activity platform.01/11/2017Jan Schets
PlaykeyA decentralized cloud gaming network.01/11/2017
ProofDecentralized certainty for investments & anonymous participant accountability.01/11/2017
Rocket IcoDecentralized accelerator based on the DAO concept01/11/2017Gabil Tagiev
Scriptdrop’s Adherence TokenAiming to improve healthcare.01/11/2017
Security Plus CloudA comprehensive cyber security services provider.01/11/2017
SorbaseAn optimized cryptocurrency order execution system.01/11/2017
StarbaseGlobal multi-currency crowdfunding platform.01/11/2017
The Praetorian GroupA sound money cryptocurrency ecosystem backed by NY Real Estate.01/11/2017
Tokens.propertyA cryptocurrency backed by real estate.01/11/2017
UnicoinAiming to be the first art-tech cryptocurrency.01/11/2017
VentureonA token, created by Hypercube Ventures for financing startups.01/11/2017
WaxA decentralized platform for operating fully functioning virtual asset marketplaces.01/11/2017
Wys TokenBlockchain-powered mobile shopping.01/11/2017
XprojectBlockchain based IoT device authentication.01/11/2017
ConfidealConfideal, a service that allows you to create smart contracts with no coding skills as well as solve disputes with in-built arbitration module.CDL02/11/201722/11/2017
PaycentBridging the gap between Fiat & CryptocurrencyPYN02/11/201730/11/2017
Hut34 ProjectPowering the global knowledge economyENT02/11/201707/12/2017
ArrmGesture recognition technology for Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality (VR / AR).02/11/2017
JobeumA blockchain-based professional network.02/11/2017
MindsportsA decentralized social gaming platform for intellectual sports.02/11/2017
ProsenseliveProsenseLive is the world’s first decentralized peer-to-peer livestreaming platform for the distribution of VR content.VRP03/11/201716/12/2017
NebeusAiming to reinvent the banking ecosystem.03/11/2017
Robot TradingAn automated cryptocurrency trading system.03/11/2017
VeztA platform for fractional song monetization.03/11/2017
SmartholdemDecentralized Gaming Platform & Poker Room on BlockchainSTH04/11/201728/11/2017
Open Source UniversityEmpowering 7 billion learners to connect to world's top academic education and professional development opportunities on the Ethereum blockchainEDU05/11/201722/11/2017
ConnectiusA blockchain SaaS solution for e-commerce.05/11/2017
Liq PlatformA solution for preventing illicit proceeds from being used in crypto.05/11/2017
QashProviding Liquidity to the Non-Liquid Crypto EconomyQASH06/11/201705/12/2017
InspeerA peer-to-peer lending service that works with cryptocurrency and fiat currenciesINSP06/11/201706/12/2017
Bank4you GroupA blockchain based mobile money remittance system.06/11/2017
CarbloxA decentralized vehicle registry that utilizes blockchain technology, cryptography and IoT.06/11/2017
CashaaPowering financial products for the banked and unbanked.06/11/2017
FidentiaxA platform for selling insurance plicies.06/11/2017
Mcafee CoinA cryptocurrency investment fund.06/11/2017
Sharpe CapitalEarn Ether rewards for your opinion about the stock market.06/11/2017Lewis M. Barber
SofinInternational fiat platform for P2P loans based on blockchain tech.06/11/2017
Token Security SchemeMaking blockchain safer for everyday use.06/11/2017
TopiacoinBuilding a secure, decentralized file sharing infrastructure.06/11/2017
NitroNITRO is a blockchain-powered platform to democratise the utility of video-games economyNOX07/11/201721/11/2017
BlockstarterA platform for launching ICO campaignsZBC07/11/201707/12/2017
Geens Platform TokenPrivacy focused document storage with blockchain time-stamping servicesGEE07/11/201707/12/2017
Lordmancer IiThe first open-world MMORPG on mobile where players can mine cryptocurrencyLC07/11/201720/12/2017Ilya Mikov
Byte BetA peer-to-peer, community driven betting platform on Ethereum.07/11/2017
CybertrustAsset-backed securitization for investing in cryptocurrencies.07/11/2017
DimndA digital currency backed by diamonds and built on Ethereum.07/11/2017
GeensA platform for securely saving and sharing private information.07/11/2017
Injii Access CoinA platform for connecting creators with charities.07/11/2017
LeverjDecentralized platform for cryptocurrency derivatives trading07/11/2017Bharath Rao
Lordmancer 2Mine cryptocurrency in a mobile MMORPG.07/11/2017
MdkAn entertainment community for the next generation.07/11/2017
RealistoA platform for real estate investment on the blockchain.07/11/2017
ReorderCryptocurrency payment infrastructure for retail stores.07/11/2017
SintezDecentralized blockchain platform with smart investing.07/11/2017
SpinA blockchain platform for preventing data leaks and loss.07/11/2017
Trade.ioA new blockchain trading platform aiming to democratize trading markets.07/11/2017
Wabi"Mine WaBi, help solve the global counterfeit problem."07/11/2017
The Divi ProjectNew solution to crypto's biggest challenge: mass adoption.08/11/201727/11/2017
Money RebelFiat & crypto financial worlds in your pocket! Receive, transfer, grow and manage your moneyMRP08/11/201728/11/2017
BitclaveBitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE) is a blockchain-based platform that enables direct customer-to-business interactions with no need for intermediaries.BCAT08/11/201707/12/2017Alex Bessonov
FansuniteFansUnite is revolutionizing the sports betting industry by harnessing the power of blockchain technology to provide cheaper, more secure, verifiable and transparent betting.FAN08/11/201707/12/2017
Dao Playmarket 2.0PlayMarket 2.0 is a decentralized Android App Store that accepts payments in cryptocurrency and is combined with an ICO platform for developers.PMT08/11/201729/12/2017
CommerceblockA public blockchain infrastructure company.08/11/2017
Fans UniteA sports betting platform built on Ethereum.08/11/2017
FintruxA decentralized platform for loans, mortgages and leases.08/11/2017
IndahashAn influencer marketing platform connecting influencers with brands.08/11/2017
JboxcoinA blockchain based, decentralized video streaming platform.08/11/2017
PodoneA decentralized contact center network for businesses.08/11/2017
TokenzaA tokenized crowdfunding and freelancing platform.08/11/2017
CcoreA new cryptocurrency payment platform.CCO09/11/201730/11/2017
VaultbankA blueprint for disintermediated financial services.VB09/11/201731/12/2017
RemechainBuyer-Suppliers Ecosystem for the global turnover of secondary raw materials.09/11/2017
StayawhileA real estate ecosystem for furnished apartment rentals.09/11/2017
HandelionHandelion is the future of international trade.HDLT10/11/201728/11/2017
CreditsCREDITS cryptocurrency and blockchain for the financial industry with up 1 million transactions/sec and 3 seconds for a transaction.CS10/11/201731/01/2018
MonaizeBanking meets blockchain technology.10/11/2017
StubbaA truly "commission-free" event ticketing platform.10/11/2017
MainassetMainasset is a business simulation program, that models business processes occurring on the market by means of artificial intelligence.MAS11/11/201712/12/2017
BeesocialsAn events platform leveraging blockchain technology.11/11/2017
Brisk PassA global transportation access pass with integrated crypto wallet.11/11/2017
CryptocopyA cryptocurrency platform for copying the trades of others.11/11/2017
Earth DollarA sovereign, smart asset-backed, eco-friendly cryptocurrency.11/11/2017
CanyaCryptocurrency-based autonomous services marketplace.CAN12/11/201726/11/2017
Loyakk VegaA decentralized enterprise relationship platform.12/11/2017
NapoleonxDecentralized quantitative hedge funds.12/11/2017
Gaze CoinGaze Coin is the first immersive advertising platform for monetising VRGZE13/11/201727/11/2017
CryptofundSmart invesments in crypto technology and blockchain.DACF13/11/201713/12/2017
RefereumRefereum cuts out the marketing middleman by directly rewarding influencers and gamers to promote and play video games.RFR13/11/201713/12/2017
Arena SpaceThe virtual amusement parks chain based on new technologies of virtual, augmented reality and other immersive digital technologiesARenaCoin13/11/201724/12/2017
AdpumpA blockchain-based affiliate marketplace.ADP13/11/201725/12/2017
Number One DimeThe lowest priced token ever issuedN1D13/11/201731/12/2017
Connect JobA global platform for contract workers and services.13/11/2017
Esl CoinA tutoring platform to learn English as a second language.13/11/2017
EthersportAn online sports betting platform built on Ethereum.13/11/2017
Jury.onlineA decentralized platform for dispute resolution.13/11/2017
ProtexA decentralized platform for the secure exchange of data.13/11/2017
Simple TokenAn ecosystem and software suite that lets mainstream consumer applications launch their own tokens.ST14/11/201720/11/2017
AuctusSmart Contract Powered Pension FundsAUCTUS14/11/201730/11/2017
AmmbrTokenizing internet connectivity with a wireless mesh network.14/11/2017
Auctus ProjectSmart contract powered pension funds.14/11/2017
BloomDecentralized credit scoring powered by Ethereum & IPFS.14/11/2017
GonetworkA decentralized virtual goods commerce platform.14/11/2017
PresearchA decentralized, community powered search engine.14/11/2017
RootprojectThe World's First Effectively Tax-Subsidized Cryptocurrency14/11/2017Chris Place
SportyfiDecentralized sports investment & funding ecosystem.14/11/2017
TokenboxAn ecosystem for cryptocurrency investors, traders, and funds.14/11/2017
TrippkiA blockchain based hotel booking and rewards platform.14/11/2017
Get TokenThe Guaranteed Entrance Token (GET)-protocol, initiated by GUTS Tickets, is a smart ticketing protocol that will facilitate the sale of tickets by issuing smart tickets to wallet addresses on the blockchain.GET15/11/201729/11/2017
Globetrotter EcosystemThe only truly stable cryptocurrencyGTT15/11/201701/12/2017
HeardbeatsHeardbeats is a project that eliminates the physical barriers that currently exist in the industry and brings the live concert experience to any location in real time through virtual reality.HBT15/11/201712/12/2017
BetstreakBetstreak is the First Licensed Blockchain Casino to ICOBST15/11/201715/12/2017
CasacoinCasacoin is the fuel of the Casagram platform, a new decentralized social media service.CAC15/11/201715/12/2017
MilkcoinUnique opportunity to invest in agricultural production using blockchain technologiesMLCN15/11/201715/12/2017
PayproDecentralized bankingPYP15/11/201722/12/2017
SyncfabSupply chain management tool to procure, track & organize your local parts production.MFG15/11/201715/02/2018
AigangBlockchain protocol for digital insurance.15/11/2017
AphelionA decentralized P2P trading platform.15/11/2017
CasagramBuilding a new, private social network.15/11/2017
Crypto AliasAn alias system for complex blockchain addresses.15/11/2017
CryptonetixBlockchain funding, portfolio, resources and analytics platform.15/11/2017
Drop AnswerA social media platform that allows you to monetize your content.15/11/2017
Fair Trade CabA blockchain based, on-demand ride tokenization platform.15/11/2017
Freedom StreamingA safe, secure, and anonymous live streaming platform.15/11/2017
GuardiumAn economic framework for distributed emergency response for the unbanked.15/11/2017
HoldmeA service created to bridge the communication gap between customers and companies.15/11/2017
Linda HealthcareAn artificial intelligence powered healthcare platform.15/11/2017
RaflOnline raffles utilizing Ethereum smart contracts.15/11/2017
RhovitA blockchain based ecosystem for monetizing digital content.15/11/2017
SignalsMarketplace of data science powered signals for trading cryptocurrencies.15/11/2017
T0A distributed ledger platform for capital markets.15/11/2017
TbisAn infrastructure company with a CaaS and IaaS model.15/11/2017
Telex AiA cryptocurrency wallet and exchange chatbot built into Telegram.15/11/2017
TetariseA blockchain platform for booking hotels and apartments.15/11/2017
Traderstars.ioA skill games platform that allows you to win money competing against traders.15/11/2017
Socialmedia.marketFirst Blockchain Based Influencer Marketing PlatformSMT16/11/201720/11/2017
Trive.newsA platform for discovering the truth and blocking fake news.TRV16/11/201715/12/2017
BazistaAn easy and reliable way to exchange goods and services for digital assets.16/11/2017
Charg CoinA blockchain-based electric vehicle charging network.16/11/2017
Kr8osA blockchain based attribution analytics platform.16/11/2017
SpectreSPECTRE (short for Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange) is the world’s first brokerless, financial trading platform with an embedded, decentralised liquidity pool.SPEC17/11/201710/12/2017
CannasosThe PerksCoin token, is a utility, ERC20 token available for use within the multi-level transaction platform developed by CannaSOS.PRC17/11/201718/01/2018
Genaro Support ProgramA public chain + decentralized storage network for blockchain apps.17/11/2017
HolycoinA cryptocurrency dedicated to humanitarian actions built on Amazon.17/11/2017
NeufundA community-owned fundraising platform.17/11/2017
Dimensions NetworkCrypto Trading Platform. Coins, Options, Futures and other Derivatives. Exchange Liquidity Aggregator, National Currency Deposit and Withdrawal Accepted.STC18/11/201718/12/2017
ActA global exchange for buying and selling a wide variety of services, beginning with a focus on the consulting and technology services market.ACT18/11/201718/01/2018
BirdchainA blockchain based A2P SMS aggregator.18/11/2017
Consultx / ConsultethA decentralized, real-time consultancy platform built on Ethereum.18/11/2017
DemeterAiming to reinvent agriculture using blockchain technology.18/11/2017
FlorioA blockchain based health platform that enables users to live healthy.18/11/2017
MirocanaMirocana is a self-reinforcing Artificial Intelligence based on deep-learning neural nets and other modern machine learning models that analyse huge volumes of data to predict financial markets.MIRO19/11/201719/12/2017
ScorumA blockchain based sports media platform.SCR19/11/201719/12/2017
DreamteamThe first Esports and gaming recruitment and management platform that uses blockchain & smart contracts to unlock a multi-billion dollar economy based on Dreamteam tokenDTT20/11/201724/11/2017
MediblocThe First Healthcare DApp on Qtum. The Largest ICO in Healthcare.MED20/11/201726/11/2017
LydiancoinThe First A.I. Big Data Marketing Cloud for Blockchain - an intelligent marketing platform for the blockchain community powered by Gravity4.LDN20/11/201727/11/2017
FundrequestA Decentralised Platform for rewarding open source contributions using Smart Contracts.FND20/11/201701/12/2017
Sales TokenSales process automation with Smart Contracts on BlockchainSALES20/11/201719/12/2017
CycloshieldcoinCycloShieldCoin is the token for the CycloShield Nano road safety gadgetCYS20/11/201720/12/2017
RentberryA decentralized home rental platform.BERRY20/11/201720/12/2017
BmcoinAn application for storing and transmitting value.20/11/2017
DatatradingA trading community with artificial intelligence trading forecasting.20/11/2017
Dream TeamAn eSports and gaming recruitment and management platform.20/11/2017
HashhiveA cloud mining data center service seeking funding.20/11/2017
Ibfs.worldBuilding an online corporate services exchange.20/11/2017
MaxitubeA robotic transportation system for delivering groceries.20/11/2017
NousplatformA global platform for investors and decentralized investment funds.20/11/2017
Play2liveA blockchain-based streaming platform for gamers and eSports fans..20/11/2017
PropsA decentralized ecosystem of video applications.20/11/2017
PropthereumAsset backed property on the Ethereum blockchain.20/11/2017
SisaA decentralized, democratized and revolutionary pool fund.20/11/2017
SwissborgA project with the objective to create a community owned Swiss CyberBank.CHSB21/11/201719/12/2017
DropdeckA Cross-border Business Funding Platform with a pure smart-contract and token-incentivized mechanism to evaluate and fund businesses worldwide.DDD21/11/201721/12/2017
Mark.spaceVR ecosystem powered by blockchain, involving users into social and economic iteractions, creating new content, exchange goods and servicesMRK21/11/201721/12/2017
StopthefakesAnti-Counterfeit & Copyright Infringement Blockchain ServiceSTF21/11/201720/02/2018
DopamemeA decentralized platform that rewards users for creating memes.21/11/2017
Stop The FakesAn anti-counterfeit and copyright blockchain based service.21/11/2017
StyrasA decentralized mobile app for mobile internet access.21/11/2017
NeunetUtilizing AI and Blockchain to increase diversity in the hiring process and ownership and secure transportation of employee personable identifiable information.neunet22/11/201708/12/2017
MavinA reward-based influencer marketing system built on blockchain tech.MVN22/11/201716/12/2017
FundariaA service to turn ideas into businesses and support them.22/11/2017
Health NexusA blockchain based healthcare platform.22/11/2017
Human Discovery PlatformDecentralized system to create complex methods of human personality analysis.22/11/2017
FueldappGlobal automated service for car refuels (charging)FUELD23/11/201723/12/2017
Gaming StarsA decentralized gaming platform built on Ethereum.GAMES23/11/201723/12/2017
BasisA new building material aiming to revolutionize construction.23/11/2017
Fueld AppA global, automated service for car charing / refueling.23/11/2017
Insights NetworkA decentralized market research platform.23/11/2017
PangeaPangea Arbitration Tokens power the Pangea JurisdictionPAT24/11/201724/12/2017
BitnationPangea Arbitration Token powers the Pangea Jurisdiction.24/11/2017
GimmerAn automated, algorithmic cryptocurrency trading system.24/11/2017
RacA Robo Advisor offering daily forecasts and stats on crypto currencies and tokens.24/11/2017
AlloyConnect, Consolidate & Redeem Points from different sources for Real-world merchandise.ALLOY25/11/201725/12/2017
AnkorusA global exchange for trading securities.25/11/2017
BlunnerA cutting edge artificial intelligence web design system.25/11/2017
SermlySearch engine reputation management tools.25/11/2017
UnolaboDecentralized, global skill market built on Ethereum.25/11/2017
FreedA monetization platform for online video games.26/11/2017
SolaSola is the next-gen decentralized social platform governed by usersSOL27/11/201722/12/2017
HoquThe world's first Decentralized Affiliate PlatformHQX27/11/201726/12/2017
Jibrel NetworkJibrel provides traditional financial assets, as ERC-20 tokens, on the Ethereum blockchainJNT27/11/201726/01/2018
VlbA blockchain based platform for the vehicle lifecycle industry.27/11/2017
White RabbitA blockchain based video streaming platform that supports creators.27/11/2017
Hamster MarketplaceHamster Marketplace is a non-profit decentralised trading platform, aimed at the sale of niche electronics and unique gadgets from novice and local producers without involving middlemen.HMT28/11/201726/12/2017
NeuromationDistributed Synthetic Data Platform for Deep Learning Applications.Neurotoken28/11/201701/01/2018
CaviarDual purpose crypto and real estate investment fund and crowdfunding platform.28/11/2017
ModultradeDemocratizing global trade with blockchain technology.28/11/2017
Spice Venture CapitalA liquid Venture Capital (VC) investment fund.28/11/2017
Token ReportA platform for keeping up to date with ICOs.28/11/2017
RazoomA platform that lets anyone create a smart contract quickly and easily.RZM29/11/201720/12/2017
SmartmeshA mesh network to provide connectivity and financial services to everyone.29/11/2017
Zen ProtocolA decentralized platform for creating collateralized assets.ZEN30/11/2017

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