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Blockchain for the CAR DATA Market

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Symbol AMO
ICO Price of Token
Start date June 30, 2018
Closing date July 7, 2018



SangGyoo Sim – CEO & Chief Software Architect
Daniel ES Kim – Chief Strategy Officer
Ds Kim – CTO
Erik Tan – Head of Operations
Jaeson Yoo – Security Evangelist/Head of Biz Dev.
SungKyoon Chung – Head of R&D
YeonHyeong Yang – Head of Blockchain Development
JungSik Hwang – Blockchain
JoonHyuk Han – Blockchain
JongGook Lee – Blockchain
SungOk Choi – Blockchain
YoungIn Park – Blockchain
DeaKyu Seo – Blockchain
KiHo Joo – Head of Automotive Engineering
DongHun Ko – Automotive Engineering
JungWook Kim – Automotive Engineering
SangWon Seo – Automotive Engineering
John Park – Automotive Engineering
HyoSeob Kim – Automotive Engineering
SeungGyu Yu – Automotive Engineering
JeongEun Ki – Automotive Engineering
KwonKoo Kwak – Head of Machine Learning
HyeongMin Koo – Machine Learning
Moses Hong – Machine Learning
MyungJin Kim – Machine Learning
Jeiff Kim – Business Development
Niyikiza Aimable – Business Development
SeungGoo Kim – Business Development
Francis Han – Business Development
JaeYoung Hwang – Business Development
KyungMoon Nam – Head of User Experience/Product Development
John Kim – User Experience/Product Development
HanJun Lee – User Experience/Product Development

Ashley Cha – User Experience/Product Development

YeonTae Kim – User Experience/Product Development

DaeYoung Hyun – User Experience/Product Development

DongHun An – User Experience/Product Development

JiRok Song – User Experience/Product Development

G-Hun Pak – Head of Marketing/Communications

Esther Jeohn – Marketing/Communications

Anna Aminoff – Marketing/Communications

Kaiying Fu – Marketing/Communications

Elaina Yoon – Marketing/Communications

SeongWon Kim – Marketing/Communications

MyungJin Jeon – Marketing/Communications

HyeYoung Hwang – Marketing/Communications



Blockchain Ethereum


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