Mintos Loan Originators (plus 1% Bonus)

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If you use the code below to register you will reward with 1% of your invested amount. The reward will be calculated based on their average daily invested balance over a 3-month period – 30, 60, and 90 days after the registration date – and paid in three instalments.

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Mintos is a peer to peer marketplace, many different loan originators list their loans on Mintos. This facilitates life for investors, because they can pick and choose more easily without having to move the capital from platform to another.

Three important factors investors should be aware of when investing on Mintos are

Skin in the game: This percentage shows how much is the loan originator investing alongside the investor. With this, the loan originator has an active interest to pick the borrowers with a high likelihood of paying back and on time.

Asset backed: When a loan is asset backed it has assets held by the loan originator as a guarantee. The difference between the value of the loan and the value of the asset is called the loan to value ratio.

Buyback guarantee: This guarantee is a promise by the loan originator to buy back a loan if it defaults. Investors should be aware of that this promise is kept as long as the loan originator is solvent. In addition, the definition of default varies before different loan originators. Different loan originators have different conditions on interest payment during the default period.

Investors can use this list to exercise their power of choice and vote with their money on who they best think is a loan originator on Mintos.

WebsiteLoan type:Loan type:Loan type:Skin in the game:Loans originated:Asset BackedBuyBackCountries
Aasa GlobalPersonal loans5%EUR 152 million
ACEMAMortgage loans5%EUR 62 millionYesCZ
Aforti FinanceBusiness loans5%EUR 1.6 millionPL
AgroCreditAgricultural loans10%EUR 29 millionYesLV
Aventus Grouppayday loans10%
BanknoteShort-term loansPersonal loansPawnbroking loans5%EUR 123 millionLV
Capital ServicePersonal loans10%EUR 157 millionPL
CapitaliaBusiness loansInvoice financing5%EUR 21 millionMixLV
CreamfinancePersonal loans5%EUR 25 million
CreditstarShort-term loansPersonal loans15%EUR 43 millionYesPL
DebifoInvoice financing5%EUR 7.9 millionYes
EurocentPersonal loans10%EUR 42 millionPL
Extra FinanceMortgage loans10%EUR 26 millionYesRO
HipocreditMortgage loans2%EUR 7 millionYesLV
ID FinanceShort-term loansPersonal loans5%EUR 147 millionYes
ITF GroupShort-term loansPersonal loans10%EUR 10 million
Kredito garantasMortgage loans10%EUR 5.4 millionYesLT
LendoShort-term loansPersonal loans10%EUR 45 millionYesGE
MANO UNIJAMortgage loansCar loansconsumer loans5%EUR 16 millionMixMixLT
MogoCar Loans5%EUR 150 millionYesMix
Mozipo GroupPersonal loans10%EUR 121 million
NORD līzingsCar loans10%EUR 2.8 millionYesLV
Personal loans10%EUR 7.3 millionAfrica
Personal loans10%EUR 1.8 millionALB, MDA
Invoice financing5%CH

Use code when registering on Mintos for a 1% bonus.