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tough debts questions answered

Struggling With Debt? Follow These 5 Simple Tips

It’s tempting to bury your head in the sand when it comes to debt. But, as we all know, those credit card bills are...

MoneyToken ICO Review: Crypto As Collateral For Borrowing Fiat Currency

How much pizza will $50 million buy you these days? Probably more than you need. Back in 2010, a Bitcoin developer purchased two pizzas...

4 Simple Investment Tips For Millennials

You’ve got the job, you’re managing to make the rent each month (if you’ve escaped the nest) and you’re starting to look to the...

AI Crypto: A Distributed Rewards System For AI Development

Artificial Intelligence has been dominated for years by just a few big companies like Apple, Google and Facebook. The huge data sets and massive...

After Successful Pre-sale Paytomat Considers Institutional Investor-Only Token Sale

Paytomat, looking to accelerate the use of cryptocurrency for everyday payments with its decentralized franchise and blockchain-based loyalty program, recently announced the successful close...
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