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5 Common Tax Mistakes To Avoid

It is the U.S. tax season, and while the concept is relatively simple, filing your taxes can be stressful. Making even the simplest of...

Should You Get The Norwegian Airlines Credit Card? 

Norwegian Airlines is branching out from its low-fare transatlantic flights from the U.S. to a rewards credit card for frequent fliers in America.   If you’re...

What You Should Know About College Debt Forgiveness Plans 

You may have heard that U.S. President Donald Trump proposed ending a federal student loan forgiveness plan in his 2021 budget.  His proposal would terminate a...

U.S. Fintech Startups May No Longer Need Banks 

Fintech companies and mobile-money startups have long relied on traditional banks to operate, but that could soon change. The FDIC approved bank startup Varo's charter...

5 High-Yield Savings Accounts To Store Your Money 

Do you have a savings account, but you don't want to invest it in the stock market? There's another way you can make your...
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