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Cheapest Countries To Retire In [Idy On Fire]

40k of your retirement money can last you less than a year or over three years - depending on which country you choose, which...

5 Signs You Are Broke [Idy On Fire]

Being broke is okay. Being broke without a plan to break the cycle is not. Here are the 5 ways to know that ‘dude’...

5 Ways Kid Learn About Saving Money [Idy On Fire]

In as much as adults keep struggling every day with the concept of money management, in schools, nobody teaches your children the importance of...

How To Save Money On Credit Cards [Idy On Fire]

Did you know that an average person has about 3 credit cards? YES!!! I have credit cards, you have credit cards, we all have credit...

Should You Share Your FIRE Plans? [Idy On Fire]

We all know the common phrase “sharing is caring” but when we share something with someone else, does it immediately translate to caring? Should...
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